Twaweza-Country Accountant

Twaweza, a dynamic East Africa wide organization, is looking for a competent, effective and energetic Accountant

Job Title: 
Country Accountant

Unit: Finance

Cluster: Services

Mandate: Country

Salary Grade: 4

Reports to: Senior Accountant Supervises: Consultants, interns Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Overall Responsibility: You will be responsible for overall financial administration of Twaweza in Kenya in accordance with the legal requirements, highest ethical standards and internationally recognized financial reporting practices (IFRS).

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that all invoices are recorded in the register and immediately redirect to the respective unit PO/Admin Assistant.
  2. Perform bank reconciliations and notify the senior accountant on any long outstanding reconciling item.
  3. Review all Payment Vouchers and supporting documents and ensure the validity of contract, purchase order, delivery note and receipt.
  4. Ensure the consistency of assigned reports and contracts.
  5. Check consistency of figures against Decision Memos.
  6. Record all payment references, bank account and dates and capture payment in Xero.
  7. Ensure that tax is recorded in the register and there is accuracy of tax computation.
  8. Ensure that no payments are stuck or delayed in Xero and that reasons for overdue payments are duly provided.
  9. Review all budget codes and ensure accurate recording.
  10. Ensure that all Payment Vouchers match with the invoice, purchase order, contract, decision memo and delivery note.
  11. Ensure that Payment Vouchers have the correct currency, details and right signatures in boxes.
  12. Maintain well organized physical and electronic archive of financial documentation.
  13. Scan all Payment Vouchers and relevant supporting documents before uploading into Xero.
  14. Perform pre audit (verify proper documentation, coding, details on payment voucher etc. in accordance to Twaweza policies) for payroll and non‐payroll.
  15. Support the Senior Accountant and Finance Manager in undertaking all finance and budget related responsibilities.
  16. Provide useful reports to staff and management using Xero.
  17. Support oversight and reconciliations of assets.
  18. Provide support in the development of budgets.
  19. Scrutinize all imprests requests and retirements and make sure that they are settled in time.
  20. Ensure that Twaweza is compliant with all legal requirements regarding taxation, social security contributions, returns to revenue authorities and to registrar of companies, fees and other financial statutory requirements.
  21. Perform all above responsibilities in SalesForce where applicable.

General Responsibilities

  1. Successfully implement above responsibilities and assigned activities in work plans and budgets, consistent with Twaweza Policies.
  2. Contribute effectively to planning, monitoring, reporting and information dissemination of Uwezo’s/Twaweza’s work.
  3. Collaborate with Twaweza staff across units and countries in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation to get things done.
  4. Communicate your work through active use of internal platform (SalesForce), electronic calendar (Gcal) and being accessible on electronic chat (Skype) as per Twaweza requirements.
  5. Participate actively in organization‐wide learning and other joint activities.
  6. Comply with and foster adherence to the established Twaweza values, policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.
  7. Undertake any other lawful tasks as may be assigned by your Supervisor, respective Director and/or Executive Director.

Core Qualifications

  1. Holder of CPA certificate or equivalent preferred, or at least advanced stage in progressing towards it.
  2. At least three years of relevant work experience.
  3. Excellent administrative and planning skills.
  4. Experience of using accounting packages, as well as MS Office.
  5. Impeccable, corruption‐free reputation and integrity.
  6. Ability to keep deadlines and keen attention to detail.
  7. Experience in NGO accounts/financial management.
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  9. Can take initiative, get things done really well and fast.

Changes and Amendments: This job description may be amended by Twaweza after consultation with the employee and the supervisor.
Application Process:
To apply for this position, please submit your CV (max 4 pages) tojobs@twaweza.org, including a cover letter explaining your interests/motivations to work for Twaweza, and 2 samples of your written work and names of 3 referees, in MS Word or PDF file.

In the subject of your email write your name, the position you are applying for and country

Deadline for the submission is 15th January 2017.

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