LVCT Health Vacancies

1) Statistician – Nairobi ST/LVCT/01/2017
2) CQI Coordinator – Nairobi CQI/LVCT/01/2017
3)HMIS Specialist – Nairobi HMIS/LVCT/01/2017
4)Manager, Knowledge and Information Management – Nairobi KIM/LVCT/01/2017
5)Technical Advisor – Care & Treatment – Kisumu TACT/LVCT/01/2017
6)M & E Officer – Nairobi MEO/LVCT/01/2017
7)M & E Officer – Kisumu MEO/LVCT/01/2017
8)GBV Officer – Western GBV/LVCT/01/2017
9)ICT Officer – Kisumu ICTO/LVCT/01/2017
10)Laboratory Coordinator – Nairobi LC/LVCT/01/2017
11)Laboratory Coordinator – Western LC/LVCT/01/2017
12) Procurement and Logistics Officer – Kisumu PLO/LVCT/01/2017

For more details on how to apply

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