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Human Resources (HR) is responsible for building P&G people and leadership capability, developing an adaptive and competitive organization while creating a productive environment to deliver increased business results and competitive advantage for the Company.

Job Scope/ Key Responsibilities A new employee in HR typically gets assignments in recruiting, enrollment planning, training, relocation, employee communication, compensation and benefits etc. to develop his/her expertise in the different HR processes. As he/she gets more experience the scope and complexity of assignments gets bigger in any assignment, however, the HR intern is expected to play 4 roles:
  1. Business Partner: the HR Intern works with business leaders to create business strategies, deploy them to the organization, and create the environment and systems needed to support their delivery.
  2. Change Agent: the HR Intern works with business units driving change and managing transformation as part of creating a culture needed to deliver our business strategies and ultimately competitive advantage.
  3. Employee Champion: the HR Intern works to support, develop, enable, and empower people in P&G to create the environment for productivity and satisfaction.
  4. Administrative Expert: the HR Intern delivers fundamental work processes of HR to ensure people across the Company are not distracted, and operations are not disrupted by important issues related to plans, policies, or complex work associated with corporate programs.
Job Timings
Period of 6 Months effective January 2017


– Holder of a Bachelor’s degree (graduated in either 2014, 2015 or 2016)
– Good command of the English & local language
– Strong passion to work in the field of HR
– Ability to work well and communicate well with others
– Good understanding and genuine interest in business
– Basic understanding of organization theories and models
– No working experience required however 1-2 years of HR work experience preferred
– Be willing to face a new challenge every day.
Job ID
HR 00002894
Nairobi Area, Kenya


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