Data Analyst

Job Title: Data Analyst
Unit: Sauti za Wananchi (SzW) and Uwezo
Cluster: Data and Voice
Mandate: Regional
Salary Grade: 9
Reports to: Director, Data and Voice
Supervises: Consultants, Interns Location:
Nairobi/Dar es Salaam

Overall Role You will play a lead analytical role in the Data and Voice Directorate. You will ensure that all survey design, data collection, data quality assurance and analysis is carried out according to high academic standards to protect Twaweza’s reputation for rigor and impartiality. You will create powerful narratives that bring out the data content, using high quality writing and clear, attractive graphs. You will think critically and provide advice on quantitative research design, methods and analysis throughout the Directorate, in relation to research undertaken in the LME Directorate and Twaweza overall.

Specific Responsibilities 1. Serve as the ‘Chief Data Officer’ for Twaweza, with ultimate responsibility for all aspects of data quality underlying analysis and publications of Twaweza. 2. Advise the Data and Voice Cluster (primarily) and the Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME) and What Works Programs (secondarily) on how to ensure data quality and integrity across their work processes. 3. Advise on strategic decisions about sampling, survey management, data collection standards and procedure, and recruitment of analysts for this purpose. 4. Provide technical backstopping and quality control, have final Quality Check responsibility for all Data and Voice products, many of which are of a sensitive nature. Ensure high quality and methodological soundness to safeguard organizational integrity and reputation. 5. Undertake analysis and writing, produce key Sauti and Uwezo products, including policy briefs, analyses, input to data visualization, advice to Twaweza partners and oversee consultants to whom work may be outsourced. 6. Document standards and processes that can be used as a reference and training guide for the unit; train and help develop East African staff to undertake key data analysis and Sauti functions. 7. Take part in the deliberations of the Twaweza management team upon request of the Executive Director or Directors.

General Responsibilities 1. Successfully implement above responsibilities and assigned activities in work plans and budgets, consistent with Twaweza Policies. 2. Contribute effectively to planning, monitoring, reporting and information dissemination of Uwezo’s/Twaweza’s work. 3. Collaborate with Twaweza staff across units and countries in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation to get things done. 4. Communicate your work through active use of internal platform (SalesForce), electronic calendar (Gcal) and being accessible on electronic chat (Skype) as per Twaweza requirements. 5. Participate actively in organization-wide learning and other joint activities. 6. Comply with and foster adherence to the established Twaweza values, policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures. 7. Undertake any other lawful tasks as may be assigned by your Supervisor and/or Executive Director.

Core Qualifications
1. A PhD in economics or social sciences, with at least 10 years of work experience preferably in a developing country setting. 2. Extensive knowledge of quantitative and qualitative empirical research evidenced, preferably, through publications in refereed journals and/or books. 3. Extensive experience with large scale survey and data management; highly skilled in Stata; and able to coach junior staff in data analysis and management. 4. Good grasp of practicalities of implementing household surveys and with affinity to using mobile phones for information gathering. 5. Ability to present a complicated argument in understandable, accessible and compelling language, using accessible graphics to support the argument. 6. Able to write well in English, and preferably also in Kiswahili. 7. Good understanding of East African context, including ongoing policy debates. 8. Ability to respond to emerging opportunities by designing new information products.

Changes and Amendments: This job description may be amended by Twaweza after consultation with the employee and the supervisor.

Application process: To apply for this position, please submit your CV (max 4 pages) to jobs@twaweza.org, including a cover letter explaining your interests/motivations to work for Twaweza, and 2 samples of your written work and names of 3 referees, in MS Word or PDF file. In the subject of your email write your name and the position you are applying for.

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