Solidaridad – Terms of Reference – To Develop a Data Analysis and Management System for Qualitative Insights on Farming Practices in Practice for Change Program (PFC).

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Solidaridad strives to be an organization that understands the signs of modern times, seeking to be a Civil Society Organization (CSO) with its own place and role in society, while simultaneously interacting with Governments and markets. The organization envisions a world in which all we produce, and all we consume can sustain us while respecting the planet, and the next generations. Solidaridad embraces the public-private and people partnerships (PPPP) in order to test innovations, speeding up change and take success to scale. Globally, Solidaridad works around coffee and other 12 commodities / sectors ( Investments is one of our five innovation areas at Solidaridad that supports and scale up best practices in our value chains, other innovation areas are ICT, Climate, Sustainable landscape and Gender. We provide impact investors with a pipeline of investible propositions to create meaningful impact across the agricultural sector. Through this investment, we support cooperatives, farmers, buyers, processors and service providers to become entrepreneurs of self-sustaining businesses. Selecting best opportunities in becoming investment ready, and on the other hand a providing a support mechanism that attracts opportunities in accessing finance and increase value.



The coffee program in Solidaridad has over the years been supported by various development partners. The current program 2018-2020 dubbed The Coffee Resilience Program is a multi-country (Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania) program on 2 main result areas as per Solidaridad Strategic vision: Good practices and Robust Infrastructure. The program targets organized farmers in cooperatives and farmer groups who will be supported to maximize on their productivity and increase efficiency at all levels. The program aspires to build effective and responsive management teams across all the targeted cooperatives and farmer groups. This is on the conviction that strong and reliable management practices are attractive to local lenders as well as impact investors.

a) Increase productivity to 4 kg of cherry per tree (baseline is 2 kg per tree) for smallholder coffee farmers and 6 kg of cherry per tree (baseline is 3 kg per tree) for medium scale farmers as result of GP by 2021.b) Increase quality by 25% (premium grades reaching 70% from 45%) as result of GP Package by 2021.c) 20% increase in income for farmers as result of increased coffee productivity & diversification.d) 10% women membership and direct access to knowledge and income from coffee by 2021.e) Economic and farming performance data available to farmers, cooperatives and financial institutions through ICT solutions.f) Farmers access finance to invest in good practices and/or new technologies. 2 August 2018g) 1M Euro of blended finance secured from financial institutions or investors to implement in good practices and robust infrastructure by 2021.h) Improved governance, efficiency and accountability in coffee cooperatives involved in the project


Practice for change has deployed various digital solutions throughout the region. Thus we seek to develop an Agribusiness data analysis and management system to draw insights from data gathered to support in decision making and pave way to machine learning and Precision Agricultural models.Solidaridad is requesting for an Expression of Interest (EoI) as per the activities outlined below,


A. Develop a Business Intelligence class systems based on cutting edge technology stacks with interactive dashboards and report capabilities.B. Develop a comprehensive data model and design methodologyC. Design and develop an RDBMs running on a Secure server(Provide recommendations), this should include but not limited to, ETL tools, data quality control tools, data martsD. Develop a comprehensive ETL procedure that integrates data from various source.E. The platform to have capabilities for API integrations with other Solidaridad digital solutionsF. Carry out a thorough consultation with data users (Program stakeholders)G. The platform should run on both Web and Mobile interfaces.H. The platform to have a three-tiered security protocolI. Design a time conscious Project charter and project plan that will govern the development and deployment of this software in a timely mannerJ. Design a comprehensive Project budget plan to cover the development and deployment of the solutionsK. Identify and employ appropriate methodologies and approaches to guide the deployment and ensure prompt and credible results at the end of this assignmentL. Adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures in project implementationM. The platform to have a detail and comprehensive documentationN. Design a comprehensive training module for the software and provide training to the users


• System to Monitoring and evaluation capacity by field operators and PMEL team• System to have capabilities to make comparative analysis, historic data analysis• System to have interactive dashboard with possibilities to publication of information panels, graphs, reports• System to allow for real-time data analysis• System to forecast, make “what-if” analysis, agribusiness data modeling and spontaneous query formation tools to provide smart insights• System to be web based with possibilities for a Mobile integration• System to allow for upgrade and integration with other digital solutions• System to allow for scale up to include other value chains and varied agribusiness practices


• An expression of interest (EOI), deployment methodology• Detailed Project Plan in the implementation of the solution• Detailed Budget of the activities in an excel sheet• Inception meeting to present methodology and thereafter minutes of the meeting,• Weekly progress reports (narrative and financial) and to present/validate progress/reports,• Monthly final report and proceeding minutes of validation workshops.


To directly report to Solidaridad East and Central Africa ICT manager, while working closely with PFC manager.


Submit a resume, for the key staff members to be engaged in this project• Company introductory letter• Work plan on the deployment of the Software• A detailed budget plan of the activities and Software fees• A recommendation letter for a past successfully development of similar solution and endorsers• Company Registration and PIN certificates

NOTE (This can be part of the deliverables)

Develop a comprehensive proposal detailing; understanding of the term of reference, the methodology to be used, capability statement, CVs detailing the relevant experience and qualifications of team.


The completed proposal together with a budget and work plan (inclusive of relevant taxes), 1 Hard copy, clearly marked,



Eastern & Central Africa

Expertise Centre

Kilimani Business Centre,

Kirichwa Road,

P.O. Box 42234 – 00100 GPO.


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