Jesuit refugee Service – Business Trainer (Nairobi).

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JRS is an International organization with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. We have been involved in livelihoods and education activities for urban refugees in Nairobi for the last 21 years with an established presence among both the refugees and local communities. In particular, JRS is implementing a non-interest loan and a pilot agribusiness projects in Nairobi as part of the livelihoods intervention. The project’s objective is to increase the number of forcibly displaced people integrated to the labour market through income generating activities, skills training and wage employment.
Summary of the training
JRS intends to offer business skills training to 65 beneficiaries comprising 25 non-interest loans/grant, and 40 agribusiness beneficiaries who are mainly refugees freeing conflict in their countries of origin and are resident in Nairobi.
Goal and Objectives of the training
The goal of this training is to equip the beneficiaries with entrepreneurial skills for management of their businesses to increase business stability, growth and sustainability.
In order to achieve this, we are calling for a proposal from a seasoned business trainer with experience in the mentioned areas to facilitate the training.
The proposed training will take place in two groups, for the 25 non-interest loans beneficiaries, at JRS office and for the 40 agribusiness beneficiaries at the training farm in Uthiru Focolare compound located less than one kilometer off Nairobi-Nakuru highway.
The 3 days training sessions for each group will be done within a month of contract award.
Scope of the training course
  • Impart necessary entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitude for starting and operating a business
  • Train the beneficiaries on the need for measuring business performance and appreciate the need for maintaining business records
  • Train the beneficiaries on how to draw up a simple business plan and revenue forecast
  • Train the beneficiaries on the business life cycle and understand the business environment
  • Appreciate the role of market forces in determining prices of goods
  • Understand the role of the government and regulatory bodies in relation to business activities
  • Appreciate the role of communication and information technology in modern business management
Summary of deliverables
  • Prepare and submit training material/content for the participants clearly stating the skills to be imparted in every lesson
  • Prepare and submit a training plan and schedule
  • Assessment report on acquired skills by the beneficiaries
  • Share a draft report immediately after the training and a full report (in English) to JRS within two week of completion of the training.
  • Must be a holder of degree in entrepreneurship, business or any relevant field
  • Must have at least 3 years training and facilitation experience in entrepreneurship
  • Must be willing to abide by JRS code of conduct and child protection policy
A sample of the Contract of Service will be send to pre-selected candidates.
How to apply
Interested parties can send a written application to and copy The subject line should read “TOT Business Training”.
The application should include a cover letter, organization profile (if the interested party is an organization), CV, and a budget.
Interested parties should submit their applications by Friday 2nd of August, 2019.

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