Almanna Foods – Tea Procurement / Tasting officer (Mombasa).

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Tea Procurement/Tasting Officer
Job Summary (Khartoum – Sudan)
As a tea procurement / Tasting Officer your job will be to handle all related tea sourcing, tasting, blending procedures.
You will be responsible for collaborating with the team to support production and sales operations in terms of tea-required expertise.
Reporting to the Supply Chain Manager.
Tea Procurement/Tasting Officer Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Tea sourcing and pricing
  • Monitor Mombasa weekly tea auction and collect related data to be analyzed in order to provide insights.
  • Monitor and analyze tea statics regularly and give purchasing forecasts.
  • Optimize tea-sourcing strategy with suppliers, ensuring supply meets expectations and forecasted demand for quality, price, and schedule.
  • Compiles data and provides insight in order to update supplier projections and track contract positions.
  • Identify ongoing risks and opportunities with respect to availability and stability of specific supplies via comprehensive analysis of the tea market.
  • Fully responsible of tea suppliers relationship management.
  • Monitor and analyze the local market brands and purchases
Tea tasting and blending
  • Responsible for all tea department cuppings to evaluate quality.
  • Responsible for selecting best tea samples in terms of quality of organoleptic basis and price.
  • Responsible for overall blending process with ability to construct a blend in accordance with a prescribed recipe and/or specification.
  • Understand and exploits the interaction between base blend and additives such as aroma/flavor.
  • Able to make necessary changes to a blend if it has not passed the evaluation to ensure it meets the specification.
  • Convey specific tea requirements or/and updates to suppliers, addresses their questions and helps them deliver products that meet our requirements within the agreed period.
  • Manage tea related documentation and ensure timely data entry into the system.
  • Participate in the process of new tea product development.
Tea supply chain
  • Ensure continuity of tea supply and coordinate with supply chain team with respect to volume projections, tea availability, pricing, commitments secured; and managing ramp-ups and discontinuations.
  • Coordinate with the suppliers to ensure all the required documents for customs clearance are complete, correct and arrive on time.
  • Continuous follow-ups and regular updates of the shipping lines to reduce the tea lead-time.
  • Track inventory position, contracts status, financial obligations and overall tea supply chain to ensure receipt of the right teas, correct quantities, arriving fresh and on time to execute production.
  • Provide tea expert content to Marketing, Quality, Production and Sales teams as needed.
  • Help promote tea quality and brand relevance within the organization.
  • Perform continuous improvement measurements related to tea supply chain.
  • Make safety a priority at all times for the whole team..
Tea procurement / Tasting officer Requirements and Qualifications:
  • BA in business or related field.
  • 3+ years’ experience in supply chain, preferably tea, beverages or food.
  • Strong discrimination of organoleptic basis.
  • Strong prioritization skills; ability to develop, plan, organize and manage multiple tasks within the department and cross-functionally.
  • Strong communication, organization, process improvement, and problem-solving skills.
  • Interest in and continued development of tea, herb, and beverage knowledge.
  • Have a good computer literacy and familiarity with ERP systems.
  • Strong analytical skills, troubleshooting and judgment skills.
If interested please send your updated C.V to ( )
& complete the application form:




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