Schneider Electric – Field Service Admin and Order Management (Nairobi).

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Field Service Admin and Order Management – 005RAL

Contract support (i) in the Sales phase through to Project close stage or (ii) exclusively in the Execution stage, Contract Administrator’s mission is:

  • Provide sales support including preparation of proposed contract documentation, contract review and negotiation in accordance with the SRM guidelines,
  • Process contract review, approval and sign off and credit approval
  • Ensure timely Contract acknowledgement and/ or attestation and coming in to force is administered
  • Analyze and highlight key contract administration points for contractual, financial and tax risks through collaboration with Corporate Functions and Project Execution Team;
  • Anticipate and manage the relevant contractual, financial and tax risks.
  • Assist the project execution team in the timely administration of the contract obligations for notices of delay, extension of time, pricing and agreement of variations, claims management, subcontract administration, record keeping, etc.
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution in a timely manner
  • Contributes to improving the profitability of the project as well as improving the cash flow for the Project.

Essential Responsibilities

To provide Sales / Tender support:

  • Attend customer pre contract meetings
  • Preparation of schedule of rates
  • Credit and risk review
  • Subcontract enquiry and vetting
  • Preparation of contractual approval documentation

Contract and Credit approval:

  • Recommend contract set up
  • Review contract documentation and preparation of comments
  • Negotiation of the final contract documentation
  • Process credit approval
  • Order/ contract review & approval, contract acknowledgement and attestation

Reviews and highlights the key contractual, financial risks and administrative obligations of the Project:

  • Analyses the contract, taking into account the context of the project, in order to enforce the contractual rights;
  • Manages contract coming into force (means of payment, bonds, insurances…)
  • In collaboration with the Project Manager, anticipates any contractual and financial risks and make sure that they are mitigated or managed effectively
  • Ensures compliance with the Group Rules/internal policies

Assist the Project Manager in:

  • Contract administration, notice requirements e.g. variations, delays, extension of times, loss and/ or expense
  • Preparation and agreement of schedule of rates
  • Subcontract procurement
  • Change management recovery: pricing, negotiation and agreement of variations/ claims (loss and expense)
  • Monthly project reviews, risk anticipation and mitigation
  • Cost/ value reconciliation and forecasting
  • Contract correspondence
  • Dispute and RTP management
  • Preparation and agreement of applications for payment and invoices
  • Agreement of subcontract variations/ claims, payment review and certification
  • Timely final account preparation, negotiation and agreement

Reviews and applies financial aspects of the Project:

  • Implements and monitors manufacturing and credit risk securization; managing Letter of credit, insurance, bank guarantees, currency hedging and working directly with bank, insurers and brokers
  • Manages billing and payment in close collaboration with Project Manager, Logistics and Corporate Functions (credit management, tax department…)
  • Contributes to improve and control profitability of business and cash flow of the Project (payment terms optimization, B2B subcontract terms, accurate progress billing, financial cost optimization: bank fees, insurance costs…)
  • Works closely with Contract Manager or Execution Solution Contract Manager namely on the follow up of all financial means (milestones, expiry dates, …) and payment aspect of the Project
  • Supports Tender Solution Contract Manager at offer stage when needed on specific matters (Letters of Credit, Bank guarantees…)

Reviews and applies tax aspects of the Project:

  • Masters tax issues on billing;
  • Works closely with Contract Manager or Execution Solution Contract Manager and Corporate functions when Permanent Establishment or VAT registration is necessary.
  • Complies with Schneider Electric’s execution tools & processes;
  • Contributes to the Risk and Opportunity analysis follow up in his fields of skills in close collaboration with Project Manager;
  • Anticipates and participates when needed to internal policies and Group projects reviews committees;
  • Complies with Group Guidelines while executing the contract.


  • Qualification in Engineering
  • At least 3 years’ experience in Contract Administration, international trade and/or finance
  • Prior experience in electrical distribution industry is an added advantage
  • Ability to handle complex matters concurrently with both synthetic and analytical skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

Main interactions: Project Managers, coordinators, supply chainKey Success Factors

  • Timely administration of the contract
  • Anticipation of the relevant contractual, financial and tax risks.
  • Good collaboration with sales and project team at all stages of the project.

: KE-NairobiPrimary Location
: Full-timeSchedule
: OngoingUnposting Date

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