Kenya Airways – FOO Instructor.Flight Operations Training – (19000094).

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Closing Date : 15-12-2019, 8:00:00 AM

Role Purpose Statement:

Develop, plan, deliver and co-ordinate flight operations officers and flight crew training

The successful candidate will be required to perform the following tasks;

  • Develop training curriculum, syllabi and manuals for Dispatchers Training, Pilots and Flight Operations Officers (FOO) Inductions, Load control training, ETOPS trainings, Initial type rating courses, Pilots Command Training, KCARS and KCAA Licensing Training.
  • Conduct Load Control training for pilots and FOOs to enable them to complete a load sheet as per KCAA regulations and company requirements and standards for each fleet of aircraft.
  • Conduct the initial and re-current ETOPS trainings to pilots and FOOs to conform with company/KCAA standards and regulations.
  • Conduct initial/recurrent specific aircraft type performance training to pilots and FOOs.
  • Conduct the ground operations refresher training (GSRT) to all pilots.
  • Conduct the initial FOO refresher course, Flight operations induction course for newly recruited pilots and FOOs, initial Command course for newly promoted captains.
  • Conduct the Flight Operations Officers course to enable them acquire the KCAA license.
  • Conduct the initial full ATPL ground school course to enable the pilots pass the KCAA ATPL ground school subjects.
  • Conduct and co-ordinate the Ab-initio conversion ground training (CPL conversion paper/Performance A/Gas turbine /type rating exams) until qualification to be posted on the various fleets.
  • Plan, organize, schedule and deliver light Operations Training programs in collaboration with the various functions in order to enable easy access and full participation.
  • Ensure that all trainings are conducted as per the KCAA/company policy and standards.
  • Prepare and ensure quality of classrooms during lecture, encourage participation of audience.
  • Audit out-sourced training institutions to determine that they conform to the KCAA regulatory requirements and IOSA policies and standards.


  • University Degree.
  • Instructional techniques course.
  • Three (3) years’ experience in airline –Flight operations.
  • Experience in delivering service in demanding consumer environment.

Additional Qualifications

  • Working knowledge of KCAA Rules and Regulations and KCARS 2013.
  • Excellent IT skills.

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