Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) – Call For Proposal.

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Established in 1997, KCDF supports local community development initiatives through grantmaking and capacity building of local organizations. KCDF holds strongly that systemic change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, work with governments and other actors to access basic rights and services as well as harness and grow their own resources. 

In an effort to assist communities in pursuit of sustainable development and social justice, the foundation continues to partner with and to facilitate the strengthening of local communities and their community organizations by: Building strong and credible institutions for sustainable development of communities; and influencing and fostering favorable policy framework and an enabling environment for organized giving and social justice. KCDF makes this possible through carefully designed programmes under the following key thematic areas:

  1. Livelihoods, Environment & Climate Change Adaptation 
  2. Children, Education & Youth
  3. Policy, Partnerships & Communication
  4. Capacity Development & Organizational Development


The Local Fundraising Capacity Building Facility (Pamoja4Change) is a competitive grant scheme for capacity building of Kenyan community based organizations and other qualified civil society organizations for successful local fundraising and resources mobilization.

The local partners propose their own local development projects and fundraise for 50% of their project budget locally. Focus is directed at local community projects that demonstrate financial and resources participation by the local community as well as potential for long term impact on the target groups – sustainable development.

This matching grant facility is open to all qualified organizations in Kenya. Grants of Kshs. 1,500,000 to Kshs. 3,000,000 (being sum total of community and KCDF contributions) are awarded on a 1:1 grant matching model to successful applicants approved by the KCDF Board once each year.


The P4C grants aims to promote local philanthropy for self-reliance and long term sustainability among Kenyan communities and to strengthen their capacity and confidence in taking charge of their development agenda. Proposed projects MUST therefore contribute to strengthening local initiatives or programs that enhance the wellbeing of their community members particularly children, women, youth and people with special needs.

  1. KCDF is therefore seeking to partner with local organizations to implement projects that are aligned with the following thematic areas:
    • Improving Access to Basic Social Services for the wider Community – Innovative projects that seek to improve the wellbeing of local communities (especially children) through increased services delivery e.g. clean and safe water, health and health information, etc.
    • Services for   Children   in   Public   Early   Childhood Development Programmes and in Primary Schools – These shall include infrastructural development, feeding programme and sanitation improvement support.
    • Women and Girl Child Empowerment Projects – Projects which seek to improve participation of young women and girls in leadership, employment and income generation for impact on family livelihoods.
    • Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation – Projects that are geared towards environmental conservation as well as enhancing the adaptive capacity of communities to climate change.
    • Information Communication  and  Technology – Projects  aimed  at  establishing  or maintaining functional community resource centers and adaptation of IT for development initiatives at the community level to enhance productivity, and efficiency.
    • Projects targeting the Marginalized Persons and Persons with Disability in the Community – Projects aimed at mainstreaming issues of the disabled in the provision of social services.
    • Security – Projects that are targeted at improving the security situation for community members, through the initiatives of the local community.
  2. Through this fund, it is anticipated that KCDF shall facilitate the strengthening and building of credible institutions involved in facilitating the sustainable development of Kenyan communities.


KCDF is seeking to partner with organisations that:

  1. Are legally and locally registered with relevant authorities and demonstrate mature and good governance and accountable leadership.
  2. Demonstrate a good understanding of the local context and need.
  3. Demonstrate that the proposed idea is in line with government policy.
  4. Show that local people have been consulted and will be involved in the work.
  5. Have a balanced approach, addressing not only immediate needs but also people’s rights to services.
  6. Demonstrate they are not working in isolation but are collaborating with other organisations and engaging with relevant government departments.
  7. Help to build the skills, confidence and capacity of local people and or organisations.
  8. Offer some useful lessons for future interventions, and show how the applicant will gather information and learn from it.
  9. Have the capacity to carry out very simple and effective local fundraising initiatives for their budget contribution (50% of the total budget). This is a significant requirement for all projects approved.
  10. Must be grassroots organizations with some history/ experience in the implementation of projects particularly those benefiting children.

 KCDF SHALL NOT award grants to support the following or components of the following:

  • Political processes
  • Individuals
  • Participation in international conferences


Project Duration: Projects must be completed within a minimum of eight and a maximum of 18 months after signing of the grant agreement for support with KCDF. The above durations excludes a fundraising window (the pre-project implementation phase or period for local fundraising) of between one and six months.

Total Grant Sizes: The average size of grants will be between Kshs. 1,500,000 and Kshs. 3,000,000 on a 1:1 grant matching model to the most innovative proposals chosen by the KCDF Board. However, this decision will be based on demonstrated ability to locally raise 50% of the total project cost, potential impact, scope and the capacity of the applying local organization.  

KCDF Contributions: KCDF contributions will be 50% of the above grant amounts i.e. shall range from a minimum of Kshs. 750,000 to a maximum of Kshs. 1,500,000 (exclusive your equal contribution). 


The GRANT APPLICATION FORMS and PROJECT BUDGET are to be filled out and submitted to KCDF through our online grant management system on or before the deadline (10th January 2020). These application GUIDELINES have  been developed to assist applicants in filling out the application form and should be read and understood before completing the proposal form.

The following steps are guides for submitting your application:

  1. Download and complete the STANDARD grant application form (KCDF/LECC/P4C/RFP/12/2019/Application-Form) and project budget templates from www.kcdf.co.ke. The application must be typed in English. Application NOT submitted in this form will be disqualified.
  2. Share as one email (through grants@kcdf.or.ke) the following: Proposal; Budget; Copy of Registration certificate; A copy of Organizational Constitution or Articles of Association; a list of Ordinary Members/ Committee Members/ Board Members/ Trustees (whichever applies to you); and your most recent financial report (must be from a certified auditor if applying organization is an NGO, FBO, PSO or Foundation)

Applications delivered outside the  deadline (10th January 2020) are automatically disqualified. 

In case you require assistance in accessing the grantee portal, contact us via grants@kcdf.or.ke with a copy to info@kcdf.or.ke


In addition to the earlier indicated principles, submitted applications will be assessed on:

  1. Co-Funding / Leverage on Local Resources: Including skills, facilities and funds. The Applicant must contribute a minimum of 50% of the total project cost. This contribution must be in monetary terms and will be deposited in a KCDF account to be provided subject to approval of your proposal.
  2. Sustainability: Impact of the project being proposed should be able to continue being felt beyond the funding period.
  3. Results and Measurability: All projects must have well defined targets. Achievements thereof should be tangible and quantifiable.
  4. Partnerships: The potential to initiate strategic alliances and bring different stakeholders together to increase success needs to be demonstrated.
  5. Promotion of Gender Equity: Especially in regards to inclusion and active participation of women.
  6. Promoting Positive Impactn Environment: Impact of the project being proposed should have a positive effect on the environment.
  7. Timely Submissions: All applications must be received within the deadline for consideration.


 Applicants are requested to keep these dates in mind:

Call for Applications:                                  10th December 2019

Deadline for Submission of Proposals:    10th January 2020

Screening, Review and Visits:                   17th January – 7th February 2020

Notification of Awards:                               7th – 16th February 2020

Signing Grant Agreements/Letters:          1st March 2020

Grant Disbursements:                                On completion of local fundraising targets 

All applicants should note that a KCDF team may visit those shortlisted for a grant award. These initial visits are part of the assessments, proposal evaluation and final approval, thus, do not in any way amount to or confirm approval.

Similarly, KCDF reserves the right to ask for additional information at any stage of the selection process.


If in need of more information, applicants are advised to send their inquiries through email to grants@kcdf.or.ke with a copy to info@kcdf.or.ke indicating Ref No. KCDF/LECC/P4C/RFP/12/2019, on the subject line.

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