Standard Bank Group – Officer, Finance.

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Job Details

Finance: budgeting and forecasting, creating interim and annual financial statements, facilitating internal mergers and acquisitions, as well as dealing with analysts and investors.

Job Purpose

This role is responsible for the following accounting functions: accounts payable, accounts receivable, reporting, reconciliation of control accounts, tax compliance and functions relating to the maintenance of a complete and accurate general ledger.


Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Support financial management
• Accountable for transactional financial data and information integrity through gathering, analysing, interpreting and reporting of financial information.
• Review transactional financial data and information integrity to ensure they accurately reflect the operating results of the business.
• Analyse and interpret data in order to provide financial management information to business stakeholders for decision making.
• Prepare and process all accounting journals and verify that supporting documentation to journals is available.
• Analyse and motivate for approval expenditure and in line with supporting documentation. Identify deviations from policy and escalate to finance manager.
• Perform a reasonability test on statutory payments due and verifying records against transactional information by performing calculations using specific formulae and procedures

Provide relevant reports and insights on all financial management activities
• Compile monthly financial reports (and business results) and provide relevant commentary.
• Compile ad hoc financial reports (and business results) and provide relevant commentary.
• Prepares balance sheets, income statements, other reports and insights to summarise and interpret current and projected financial position and performance.
• Contribute to the budget, revised estimate, forecast and actuals by collecting all the relevant information from the relevant parties and ensuring validity, accuracy and completeness of financial information in the general ledger.

Be a trusted advisor to the business
• Provide assistance in the budget and revised estimate, forecast and actual processes.
• Support the business finance teams in creating a finance partnership.
• Obtain an understanding of the business environment and processes which are being supported in order to add value and allow for appropriate decision making to occur.
• Provide assistance in the gathering of financial and non-financial information to support the relevant finance line manager.
• Manage stakeholder expectations appropriately

Monitor risk and ensure compliance
• Enforce the group guidelines and policies around financial management and financial control.
• Ensure that all risk issues are managed properly, and incidents are reported timeously with all relevant stakeholders.
• Partner and comply with relevant risk and compliance regulatory frameworks for all finance activities.
• Ensure reputation and business risk is managed.
• Ensure that mandatory compliance training in finance is driven effectively.
• Assess the effectiveness of financial controls throughout the group and advise/escalate where there is misalignment by ensuring adherence to policies and controls and reviewing and testing the internal financial controls processes by performing sample tests on some IFC controls to check if they are operating as per framework
• Assist in balance sheet substantiation of all balance sheet accounts.
• Provide technical accounting support for finance and business units
• Contribute to the preparation of the annual financial statements
• Responsible for financial audits in the group

Direct, monitor, manage and support the team in delivering on agreed performance and strategic goals
• Participate in departmental goal.
• Proactively drive own development plans.
• Direct, monitor and support your team in delivering agreed performance goals

Preferred Qualification and Experience

First Degree in Finance and Accounting
3-4 Years in experience in a financial institution

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Working knowledge of accounting software. (Knowledge of SAP, NBOL, Model Bank (T-24).)

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