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The Security Analyst role supports a Valar commercial client requiring security management solutions, local security analysis, other analytical support. A successful candidate must possess advanced analytical skills and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the political, security, cultural, and economic environment in Kenya to produce written analysis and oral briefings for clients and senior management. Additionally, the Security Analyst will be required to conduct physical security assessments, liaise with security managers and members of the law enforcement community, and use remote monitoring systems to support client movements. The Security Analyst is a full-time role within the Information & Analysis Department and reports directly to the Senior Analyst.

Role Overview

The Security Analyst will serve in an all-source analytical role, responsible for assisting in the development of information products that cover local and some regional dynamics and their assessed impact on the client’s ability to operate in-country. The Security Analyst will maintain and update extensive information databases, systems, and mechanisms including crisis management plans and new staff orientation to support the client’s activities. Additionally, they will provide local and regional situational awareness including political, criminal, environmental, and civil society-related concerns.


  • Act as a primary point of contact for an international client based in Kenya on all security-focused needs, situational awareness notifications, new employee orientation, venue assessments, and journey management planning;
  • Use traditional all-source analytic tradecraft and methodologies to contribute to scenario planning, analytical product development, threat assessments, situation reports;
  • Support the Information & Analysis department in the delivery of tailored client reports; work closely with management to prioritize information needs; brief senior managers and executives via written and oral presentations;
  • Monitor field deployments of client personnel via GPS devices to ensure compliance, safety, and potential rapid support;
  • Conduct physical security assessments for hotels, conference facilities, roadways, residential areas, office locations, and range of other venues;
  • Ensure uninterrupted 24/7 safety and security support for client employees involved in frequent nation-wide and Nairobi-based travel;
  • Manage communication and notification channels including WhatsApp, Signal, and listservs for the client including significant security, government, and disaster advisories;
  • Draft and finalize comprehensive situational, weekly, and monthly analytical products for client review;
  • Maintain an impeccable professional disposition, especially for all client-facing activities, including written and in-person communication;
  • Exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality.

Education & Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (4-year degree) or its equivalent in political science, security, management, or in the social sciences and humanities disciplines;
  • 2-5 years experience in analytical, law enforcement, security management, or related roles in a Kenya setting;
  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of open source research, database management, and written communication (e.g., Email, Messaging Apps);
  • Demonstrated ability to write in English impeccably and without much oversight from Information & Analysis management;
  • Experience working in private sector settings supporting international clients, especially NGOs, CSOs, or groups working on democracy and governance;
  • Knowledge of journey management planning, travel threat mitigation, and monitoring systems like Smart24 or similar applications;
  • An ability to merge traditional security management practices with analytical methods to produce bespoke client support is strongly desired;
  • Fluency in Swahili is required.

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