Vivo Energy – Supply Assistant – KRA.

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Principal Accountabilities:

1. Drawback, Refunds and rebates

  1. Supporting KRA exports documentation to ensure all is per expected duty claim process
  2. Collating all support documents for drawback, refunds and rebate
  3. Computation, compilation and approval of all drawback, refunds and rebate vouchers for lodging with KRA.
  4. Follow up of all claims documentation for submission to KRA system and documenting rejected claim
  5. Support with periodic reports of exports, duty free deliveries, drawback, refunds as required from time to time

2. Exports Coordination

  1. Keep track of all VEK/SVLK Exports to ensure efficient clearance as per prevailing KPI
  2. Coordinate with all internal imports focal points to ensure no knowledge and process gaps and timely action by the focal points to alleviate clearance delays, demurrage and storage charges.
  3. Support to all business Units in VEK and SVLK when declaring exports to ensure correct documentation.

3. Compliance with Regulatory framework

  1. Maintain daily follow ups with Customs and exports Manager to ensure no negative publicity related to compliance issues and if any raise it immediately with supervisor.
  2. Action on all non-compliance issues raised by CSD immediately they are raised and get formal confirmations from KRA on close-out of each.
  3. Monitor changes in the above regulatory environment and focal points on the best way to comply.
  4. Conduct monthly reconciliation with KRA KOSF to ensure all imported products have been fully accounted for and captured in KRA records.
  5. Reconciliation of all KRA demands from Customs Services Department to ensure close-out and formal communication of the same by KRA.

Key Challenges:

  • Building professional influential rapport with KRA and interpersonal skills to achieve objectives.
  • Delivery of timely status reports.
  • Compliance with KRA legal framework relating to this role
  • Risk of penalization by KRA and the resulting need to keep very good records to mitigate.
  • Challenge of ensuring effective supervision and performance of C&F agents
  • Working odd hours when supervising vessels discharge


Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Solid prior experience of customs processes
  • Solid prior experience regarding drawback refunds.
  • Proven analytical competencies
  • Strong and effective team player.
  • High integrity and strong character
  • Proven communication and inter-personal skills.
  • A sound understanding of accounting principles and concepts and their application and Proficient in IT especially Microsoft Office and SAP.
  • A working knowledge with relevant Tax laws (East Africa Community Customs Management Act)
  • Good business relationship and contacts with relevant Tax authority teams
  • Good communication skills.

Competences Required:

  • Demonstrated evidence of Enterprise first values – Mastery
  • Income Tax / VAT/Customs & excise/EACCMA – Mastery
  • Accounting skills (working knowledge of standards/practice) – Knowledge
  • Displays personal effectiveness – Knowledge
  • Team Working – Skill
  • Correctness & integrity of figures – Skill
  • Demonstrate Courage – Knowledge
  • Good communications skills and ability to influence others – Skill
  • Shore Officer competences – Skill

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