Kenya Airways – Turnaround Coordinator NB.Passenger Ramp Services.

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Job Purpose Statement:

To ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines

Adhere to accurate Loading and offloading by delegation, as well as coordinate, oversee and supervise the activities for the overall turnaround of aircraft.

Principal Accountabilities (KEY Performance areas):

  • Embrace and maintain a positive safety culture, a healthy and secure management of the turnaround process whilst complying with company procedures and processes, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
  • Ascertain all aspects of aircraft preparation in readiness for offloading/loading as per standard operating procedures.
  • Ensure compliance between loading instructions and load presented for loading whilst strictly adhering to the instructions unless authorized to deviate.
  • Provide leadership and direct supervision staff who are undertaking all loading and equipment operations activities associated with turnaround to ensure conformity with all Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Champion ramp safety by effectively enforcing ramp standard operating procedures to reduce ramp incidents and accidents ensuring healthy, safe and secure working environment.
  • Ensure on time and proper completion of offloading and loading of cargo and baggage for efficient delivery for both Kenya Airways and customer airlines.
  • Report torn, leaking and oversize packaging and defective ULD’s before loading and when offloading
  • Ensure ULDs properly with locks and bulk loads correctly with nets and approved tie downs complying to correct lashing / load spreading.
  • Ensure that special loads, including Dangerous Goods are stowed according to regulations and Carrier operating procedures.
  • Upon completion of loading, communicate the final loading to the Load controller.
  • Ensure correct baggage reconciliation procedures are met and documentation completed before aircraft departure
  • In absence of a dedicated Turnaround coordinator wide body, be the central point of liaison with all stakeholders and coordinate the turnaround.
  • Optimize maximumly all the allocated resources and tools of work
  • Raise casual operator’s forms to ensure billing for services rendered.
  • Monitor sequence activity against agreed station turnaround plan and timings.
  • Establish and maintain constant ground to cockpit communication in a clear and precise manner (if authorized and when required to do so)
  • Identify and report hazards, near misses, incidents and accident within the turnaround process. Adhere to KQ WAY principles and best practices


  • Minimum 2 years ramp experience
  • University graduate or relevant Airline certification
  • Knowledge of Load Control and Weight & Balance
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledge of ramp equipment usage
  • Dangerous goods CAT 8 regulations
  • Aircraft Handling and Loading
  • Aircraft Loading supervisor
  • JKIA Local emergency procedures
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Awareness Airside driver training

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