Syngenta – Assistant Field Production Specialist.

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  1. To assist in ensuring Land/GH preparation in time and accordingly to protocals ahead of planting season. 
  2. Assist in receiving stock seeds and have all relevant quality information with them.
  3. To assist in implementing and overviewing the Fair Labour lProgram and eventual other certifications.
  4. Ensure timely nursery preparation to adhere to the sowing calendar.  
  5. Advises on necessary consumables necessary for successful Producttion activities of the ordered quantities. 
  6. Ensures proper labeling at all stages for trace ability and purity control. 
  7. Trains Production Teams at different levels on relevant activities and protocols to enhance productivity and efficiency i.e. planting, labeling, training, de-suckering, defoliation, rouging, emasculation, Pollen harvesting, pollination, harvesting, extraction, drying, storage, packing and advises on shipment procedures. 
  8. Ensures preparation and submission of monthly Vendor progress reports (VPR) to the relevant Production Manager to ensure the planners and marketing are reliably informed on the production progress. 
  9. To assist in preparing disseminates precise but informative ad hoc and periodical reports to the stakeholders to keep all fully informed and up-to-date with the vendor activities. 
  10. eeks, obtains and shares Technical information concerning any issues that the vendor may require-tapping into the Syngenta knowledge base on behalf of the vendor. 
  11. Train and guides/ensures adherence to Phytosanitary Standards in the field to control pests and diseases. 
  12. Advises on Crop Protection,Irrigation and Crop Nutrition and follows up to ensure any anomalies are corrected. 
  13. Assist to ensures the vendor collects and provides data on various growing and productivity parameters to assist in evaluation, decision making as well as cost transparency.  
  14. To assist in ensuring contracts are availed and signed off by the vendor in good time-by reminding the concerned parties to avoid delays.
  15. Co-ordinates relevant Teams to ensure Crop Inspections by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS).
  16. Train and enforces HSE rules and regulations and champions the implementation of the Syngenta. 
  17. To assist evaluates Production/seasons to measure performance and identify areas of improvement. 
  18. Performs new vendor scouting and assessment based on agreed criteria whenever required. 
  19. Any other & projects as may be allowed from time to time.
Qualification and Experience
  • Bsc. in Agriculture/Horticulture or it equivalent
  • Must have at least 5 years relevant work experience
  • Good Interpersonal and Communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience in Microsoft Office with excellent organizational skills.
  • Holder of a clean driving license, willing to travel and work outside Nairobi occasionally.
  • Innovative individual that is willing to challenge and improve the way things are done to increase efficiency.
  • Demonstrates ability to take prudent action with little oversight.
  • Demonstrates openness in communication to others, able to communicate with general workers in language they understand, listens well and incorporates the thoughts and ideas of others.

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Syngenta Assistant Field Production Specialist.

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