Common Challenges Job Seekers Face in Kenya.

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Challenges Faced By Job Seekers

Issues about job hunting in Kenya have continued to gain a lot of debate owing to the rising number of graduates. Unfortunately, the number of job seekers continues to rise while the job creation market appears to be declining. Projections by the Ministry of Labour in Kenya reveal that the employment situation is expected to worsen in future. Job creation issues have been caused by the sluggish or volatile job market and the declining economy. This article seeks to explore some of the common challenges that many job seekers in Kenya face and how they can overcome them.

Being Confused by Lengthy Hiring Processes.

Job hunters do not follow guidelines on job advertisements. Remember, many confusing and lengthy job application processes are meant to ensure that only the best candidates are shortlisted. Therefore, you should set aside some time so that you analyze each step keenly without getting frustrated. Be assured that you will be invited for an interview if you do your best during the application process. After the application, you should keep records and follow-up on email communications. If invited for an interview, prepare well, make sure to keep time and follow all instructions.

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Being Shocked and Horrified at the Entry-level Salaries

Although it is difficult to secure a job in Kenya, job seekers might be lucky to get one. The unfortunate thing is many of the entry-level employees in Kenya are underpaid. If you wish to overcome this situation, you should understand that this situation is usually temporary. By taking your entry-level job as a stepping stone for your future career, you can thrive in a harsh economy. In this case, you can try to cut out any unnecessary expenses since many entry-level positions tend to last between one to two years

Not Having a Strong Professional Network

Many job seekers in Kenya have failed to secure the jobs they apply for since they only concentrate on academic papers while they forget to develop their professional networks. Therefore, you must expand your professional network and connect with as many people as possible. Some of the things which can assist you in developing a professional network are:

  • Try to use social media platforms to explore the available job opportunities, make your career connections, and share your expertise
  • Ensure you engage with your University or college colleagues or instructors to assist you in getting possible job leads.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile, join a professional group and ensure that you are always active.
  • Join professional organizations related to your dream career and attend all events they hold online or in person.


What you should know is that many of the best jobs in Kenya are not advertised. Therefore, if you cannot find job openings of your career line, you can quickly get one by adopting the above strategies. Moreover, try to engage with the target companies since many of them depend on staffing companies. Above all, you should avoid relying on print ads for job offers, instead use other sources such as temp agent and travel nursing.

Having a Poor Self-image

Having a poor self-image is a deep-rooted issue that has continued to deny many job seekers in Kenya from being hired. In this case, many people have not yet known how they are supposed to represent themselves offline and online. Unfortunately, job seekers highlight only their strengths but they mask their weaknesses. Due to such behavior, many potential recruiters usually try to google the profiles of the candidates, especially on social media platforms. Therefore, if you wish to look professional towards your prospective employers, you should avoid posting awkward photos, especially when having fun with your friends. You must know that employers will wish to make sure that they hire the best employees to propel their company image further. 

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Depending on Uninformative Job Descriptions

A significant number of candidates depend on job descriptions indicated on advertisement sites to determine if they can apply for the positions they come across. Contrastingly, some of the job descriptions are not detailed. Thus, job hunters find it difficult to know what they are supposed to do to succeed in their applications. Consequently, a significant number of job hunters end up hunting jobs blindly. Therefore, to overcome blind job hunting you can try to conduct extensive research about the company, know the problems the employer wants to be solved and tailor your resume to match the job description.

In conclusion, you should know that job hunting in Kenya is very difficult. Despite the highly competitive job market, you can quickly get the kind of job that you want by following the tips highlighted above. Remember that if you can sell yourself and have the right qualifications, you can easily land a job you have been looking for within the shortest time possible.




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