Sokowatch – Full-Stack Engineer.

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About Us:

Sokowatch is transforming communities across Africa by revolutionizing access to essential goods and services. By connecting small merchants to the digital economy, we fix inefficient supply chains and provide services previously unavailable to informal businesses. Sokowatch aims to provide everything a retailer needs, no wholesalers or banks necessary.

Thousands of retailers across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda use Sokowatch’s mobile ordering and delivery platform to receive the goods they need as quickly and cheaply as possible while also accessing growth financing for the first time. We’re looking to grow our team with highly talented and motivated employees who are excited to work in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.

Role: Full-Stack Engineer, Reporting to Innovation Manager

Do you value autonomy and live to work on open source and edge technologies? Have you deployed full apps end-to-end with major involvement in these areas? Do you enjoy leading full-stack project-based development that involves front-end, back-end, deployment and analytics? Do you have a growing set of tools that gets you there faster with less bespoke code written? We’re looking for you.

Sokowatch is seeking an experienced full-stack engineer with brilliant DevOps and scripting experience to help teams take their ideas through product discovery to Version 1, and beyond.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Advise innovation & engineering teams by researching, identifying & implementing internal APIs from external open-source projects and academic papers
  • Build automation scripts and live-data prototypes with great documentation to accelerate the product discovery cycle, following DRY principles.
  • Manage, document and test the integrity of the information flowing between API clients and the main Sokowatch system
  • Write technical specifications or implement automation via scripting through Notebooks, Google Apps Scripts or independent scripting tools for internal teams as part of the product building cycle
  • Assist with troubleshooting, refactoring and micro-services planning for handover to the Core Engineering team after incubation of the products



  • Demonstrable experience building platforms end-to-end and methodologies on how to go from zero to very usable in compelling time frames.
  • Lives by these 3 principles: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t repeat yourself. Everything with a cycle can and should be automated.
  • Full-stack experience: front-end, back-end, DevOps, scripting.
  • Ability to research, identify, implement and troubleshoot open-source platforms.
  • Docker for deployment to allow working with platforms in new programming languages.
  • Ability to troubleshoot code in top programming languages, specifically Ruby, Python, Javascript.
  • Epic communication skills and empathy for users, junior engineers and product teams.
  • Passion and drive for solving problems.
  • Creative thinking skills with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions that leapfrog complex problems that may not have one clear answer.
  • Naturally curious and constantly improving.

Innovation Engineering Principles

  • We build for the root problems we observe and validate, not the symptomatic problems we hear.
  • We build inclusive technology solutions for the mass market that deliver simple, high-quality experiences to underserved users and drive large user numbers for our clients.
  • We anticipate “the user” and their nuances because we have built inclusive platforms at scale, saving product discovery resources.
  • We find validation in the engagement and usability of our platforms.
  • We give the highest ROI when building and improving technology.
  • We build for ambitious and new visions and take ethical shortcuts where possible because we’re innovating e.g MPesa self-limiting their wallet to 70k and moving faster than the regulator.
  • We drive influence through value, not authority.
  • We use our experience with users to ensure that our support teams (PMs and researchers) are only managing edge assumptions.
  • We drive our ambitious agenda and make users fit into our vision for them, but also clearly see and pivot when we find roadblocks.
  • We prefer honesty over tact.
  • We share knowledge and are self-motivated to automate menial tasks for our clients that would give them more time to support the technology we’re building together.
  • We anticipate and accelerate features that will be required despite assumptions and pivots e.g. logging in, analytics, hosting, etc.
  • Our prototypes are good for 50,000 – 100,000 users where we ignore computation costs to drive momentum and refactor & improve with more traffic.
  • We chase for the novelty (“Wow”, “God bless you”, …) moments from our users more than we chase the basic “Aha” moment or 100% bug-free platforms to ensure our users are motivated to use our platforms while we build fast and break things quickly.

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