Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) – Director Research, Monitoring & Evaluation.

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Organization Profile

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) is an internationally-recognized grassroots organization that unlocks the potential of urban slum dwellers to lead hopeful and fulfilling lives. SHOFCO disrupts survival mode by providing critical services including health care, clean water, education, and economic empowerment; and linking these efforts to a community-led advocacy platform. SHOFCO currently impacts over 350,000 individuals across 10 urban slums in Kenya, and is the largest employer in Kibera. SHOFCO is a trusted name and service provider in Kibera with a 10-year track record. For more information, please visit

Position Overview

The purpose of this role is to improve Shofco’s research, monitoring and evaluation function. The director will ensure that systems and mechanisms for excellent data collection are embedded across all SHOFCO programs, that all research, monitoring and evaluation meets excellent standards (including ethics and accuracy) and meets SHOFCO’s needs for information on a macro and micro level; that relevant and timely research is conducted that furthers the strategic effectiveness of SHOFCO’s operations; and that information on which resource mobilisation rests is available and accurate.

The primary responsibility of this role is to further our vision of: Building Urban Promise from Urban Poverty.

The post holder commits to and is held accountable to the SHOFCO values: Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Grassroots Innovation

Location: Kenya

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Oversight of all data collection, compilation, and analysis for use by operations, marketing, and new business development.
  • Develop strategic research priorities for all SHOFCO programs with specific program departments.
  • Conduct relevant and timely research that furthers the strategic effectiveness of SHOFCO’s operations.
  • Develop and lead an empowered and motivated RM&E team.

Oversight of all data collection, compilation, and analysis for use by operations, programs, and new business development

Activities include:

  • Develop and improve data collection tools that will enable regular collection, storage, and interpretation of data needed by field teams, marketing, and advancement teams.
  • Assess and improve analysis of Shofco’s data and present and discuss with operational teams
  • Support introduction, testing, and training of program staff on the use and maintenance and development of these tools.
  • Develop and encourage innovation in data collection including feedback mechanisms amongst program teams to address internal and external stakeholders’ information needs.
  • Pursue options for streamlining and efficiencies through different technologies as appropriate.
  • Track SHOFCO’s global indicators to feed into RM activities.
  • Respond to data collection needs when funding opportunities arise.

Develop strategic research priorities for all SHOFCO programs with specific program and marketing departments

Activities include:

  • Supporting all programme leaders in planning effectively for their RM&Eneeds.
  • Identifying pertinent areas of research that would significantly increase the knowledge base on which SHOFCO’s work should rest.
  • Develop with team clear plans for all RM&E work supporting SHOFCO’s work to developed during annual strategic planning.
  • Deliver against evaluation needs as required by grant contracts.
  • Provide training when appropriate to directors and other staff on info needs analysis and methodologies for collection.

Conduct relevant and timely research that furthers the strategic effectiveness of SHOFCO’s operations

Activities include:

  • Lead procurement of additional help (research agencies, consultants, enumerators, etc.) in a timely way as required.
  • Ensure all work by own team and external consultants meet SHOFCO standards for effective and ethically sound.
  • Collaborate with regional and global research work as it furthers meeting SHOFCO’s objectives.

Lead an empowered and motivated RM&E team

Activities include:

  • Day to day supervision of the team to ensure that team plans are delivered on time.
  • Management of performance and support to personal development.
  • Strong team development internally and in relation to Program Strategy team and Program teams more widely.


  • University degree in Social Science, Economics, Development Studies or relevant discipline from a recognized reputable university
  • Postgraduate qualification in social sciences, health systems management, monitoring & evaluation or other relevant qualification is highly desirable.

More Details on Experience

  • At least 5 years of proven experience in leading monitoring and evaluation systems in the NGO sector.
  • Extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Evidence for managing large studies in the NGO sector.
  • Previous experience supporting R, M&E activities, and adequate understanding of RH indicators.
  • Adequate knowledge of Statistical software (SPSS/SAS/STATA and qualitative software (N-vivo/ Nudist, Atlas TI, etc)

More Details on Skills

  • Team management skills.
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Highly adaptive and able to work with partners and lead RM&E activities for programs implemented in consortia.
  • Successfully published research work as a principal or co-investigator desirable

Terms And Conditions

Successful performance at SHOFCO is not simply defined in terms of ‘what’ people achieve, but equally is about ‘how’ people go about their jobs and the impact that they have on others. There are 10 key behaviors that SHOFCO encourages in all employees and they are defined below:

  • Examining Information: Processing information, asking probing questions, and Finding solutions.
  • Adapting practical approaches: Applying practical skills, learning by doing, and applying common sense.
  • Articulating information: Giving presentations, explaining things, and projecting social confidence.
  • Making decisions: Deciding on the action, assuming responsibility, and standing by decisions.
  • Thinking positively: Being optimistic, recovering from setbacks, and projecting cheerfulness.
  • Team working: Working participative, encouraging team contributions and involving others in decisions.
  • Checking things: Finding errors, ensuring accuracy, and finishing tasks.
  • Managing tasks: Working methodically, planning activities, and setting priorities.
  • Taking action: Making things happen, using initiative and investing energy.
  • Pursuing goals: Achieving outstanding results, acting with determination, and persisting through difficulties.
  • Examining Information: Processing information, asking probing questions, and Finding solutions.

How to Apply


Please submit your application before 28 September, 2020.





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