Standard Bank Group – Digital Innovation Trailblazer.

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Job Purpose

The purpose of the individual Trailblazer within Digital Innovation is to defy convention by bringing a multifaceted and unique spectrum of capabilities to bear on the customer, their ecosytems and the platform businesses that resolve their daily challenges and ‘pain points’. By working with other, differently multifaceted yet equally capable Trailblazers, in small agile teams, innovate highly valuable solutions in identified customer ecosystems. The purpose of these Trailblazer teams is to provide a complete co-creation capability able to leverage partnerships and platforms to design, build, incubate, bring to scale and commercialise solutions for customer needs that may extend well beyond what is understood as the existing realm of banking. The realisation of the purpose of the individual Trailblazer cannot be separated from that of the team and hence the definition of a role as a spectrum, with each Trailblazer providing a unique subset of the total requirement.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

To fulfil the role of Trailblazer a fully competent level of capability, that is recognised by the ‘profession’, in two or more fields of expertise is required. In a formal technical field this would be a professional certification but in emerging fields of expertise peer review would define the standard. The spectrum of appropriate technical capabilities required are listed below in the section titled Fields of Expertise.
Diversity and breadth of skills are known characteristics of highly innovative individuals and hence the preferred qualifications for the role are as above but in widely disparate fields. For example, an engineer with a post graduate degree in liberal arts could well be an ideal qualification set.

The required level of experience should prepare an individual to be in a position to provide a profound input, with appropriate cognisance of the associated fields, in order to deliver both the depth as well as the breadth of contribution essential to the team.
In certain types of expertise this can all be acquired through experience in the field, in others through both study and practical experience. It is unlikely that academic study of a field, no matter how deep, without significant time in application of the knowledge gained would adequately prepare an individual for the role.

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