Kwara – Sr. Frontend Engineer.

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About the company

Kwara is a B2B fintech startup in Nairobi and Berlin with a unique mission, exceptional team and a global market. Our mission is to digitize Savings and Credit Unions in emerging markets that serve the 3 billion un- and underbanked population. These financial institutions hold a staggering $2.6 trillion in assets worldwide, but have yet to benefit from digital innovation. Our intuitive, secure and SaaS-based digital banking platform offers them the chance to grow their profits, connect to the digital ecosystem and serve their members better. With a dozen happy clients in Kenya, an ambitious team and a burning desire to grow at least tenfold in 2020, we are well on our way to become a world-wide market leader in cooperative fintech. Are you with us for this ride?


About the responsibilities

As a Sr. Frontend Engineer, you will together with our team in Nairobi be responsible for:

  1. Develop high-quality software design and architecture

  2. Develop and maintain the frontend infrastructure that powers the Kwara apps 

  3. Ensure new features can be implemented quickly and without continuous re-work of existing functionality

  4. Propose and implement solutions that ensure the users have a delightful experience in every interaction

  5. Liaise with both Product Managers, Designers and Backend Developers to ensure features are implemented following a shared vision

  6. Mentor and support junior and mid-level engineers in producing clean and efficient code

  7. Code review thoroughly and be open to receive feedback from your peers on code you deliver

  8. Stay on the leading edge of software development practices. Frontend moves quickly and you can keep the pace. 


About the requirements

Our team is looking for highly motivated professionals with the following qualifications:

  • You are interested in using React. We appreciate it if you have previous experience with it, but we’re happy to consider people who are motivated to learn it.

  • You have experience with translating a design system into code and have ideas and opinions on how to grow it sustainably while the team and codebase grow.

  • You write tests and ensure critical features are always working as expected.

  • You write it, you ship it. We’re looking for someone who takes ownership of the code from architecture to deployment. We have a dev-ops mindset and so do you. We use Netlify and CircleCI. Any experience, Docker and the like is welcome.

  • You care about code. Coding for you is more than just delivering a feature, and you can strike a balance between speed and future maintainability.

  • You care about the security implications of your choices. As a financial services platform, security is an ongoing effort and we strive to make our platform safer every day, starting from our client side code.

  • You have a scalability mindset. Be it scaling infrastructure or the team, you are willing to take on the challenges of a company that is growing very fast.

  • You have a product mindset. We are building Kwara from the ground up, and you will take part in shaping the product on a day to day basis.

  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, whether it’s through mentorship, pair programming or whiteboard design sessions.

  • You have very good English skills and your communication is clear and timely.

  • You can talk about complex aspects of a system to non-technical people.


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About the reward

Kwara offers a unique, value-driven working environment. We are a team of ambitious, different, yet strongly aligned team members who strive for the very best of themselves. Our team thrives on big wins and will work relentlessly to achieve them. We offer you this challenge with our deeply entrepreneurial culture, where everyone can offer new ideas and solutions. We expect you to be part of a ride you will never forget, with our team, our partners and our clients, in this fast-growing global startup. Apply now!




Kwara, Sr. Frontend Engineer Job.

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