Nendo – Content & Social Media Marketer.

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You’ll Be

  • Creative: You have the innate and honed ability to hear problems, frame and reframe them and discover and deliver multiple ways to solve them.
  • Calculated: You can put down a detailed and clear plan of action with digital steps, milestones, deliverables and dates.
  • Agile: You are familiar with taking complex ideas and boiling them down into experiments that can be tested at low cost and time using digital platforms and channels.
  • Passionate: The internet is your playground, lab and life. You hold a deep desire to understand not just social media or content but how the entire value chain of digital products and services transform the market, industry and the continent/world at large.
  • Curious: Always reading, learning, asking questions and teaching yourself new tips and tricks. You are consistently asking questions that push you, your thinking and your clients to new places.
  • Purposeful: Capable of moving an initiative, project, meeting and/or moment from ambiguity to tangible ways forward regarding social media and content.
  • Detail-Oriented – You have a strong and uncompromising command of the English language, Swahili is a nice-to-have, English is a must-have. Be it the Oxford Comma or the semicolon, you know what to use, where and when. You could proofread a novel, a report or a crisis communication press release and can spot inconsistencies and things others might miss.
  • Communicative: you know how to get your teammates inspired and involved. You have learnt how to communicate early and often, where possible, anticipating hitches, delays or setbacks. You can show a work-in-progress and proactively seek and receive feedback.
  • Bonus: If you’ve ran workshops before (framing the client’s problem, selecting a methodology, getting buy-in, facilitating the meeting/workshop, testing and iterating, delivering outputs/learnings and presenting solutions) this will be a clear advantage as a candidate for this position.


You’ll Have

  • A few years experience at a marketing, communications, branding, advertising, IT/e-commerce/agency/startup/company delivering words, ideas and creative on a daily basis.
  • A desire to use data to drive your content and social media creative, campaigns and recommendations.
  • The ear of a storyteller. Constantly capturing inspiration from unlikely sources but capable of committing to the discipline and focus of a deadline to get it done.
  • The ability to take your content’s performance across channels and review the data to interrogate it and come up with more ideas and experiments.
  • A relentless desire to define, refine and deliver concepts, copy and creative that travel across touchpoints – web, mobile, social and ephemeral media spades an evaluate them in the real world with real customers.
  • Created “thumb-stopping” content before and have ideas on what it takes to create great content and find it an organic or paid audience on social media in 2019.
  • Growing familiarity and experience with visual social media. Be this through tools like, and using free/paid digital tools to amplify your content – video, visual, etc.
  • The ability to research on a topic that is outside of your area of immediate expertise,  figure out best practice and come up with content and a tone of voice.
  • Familiar with frameworks and exercises that allow you and a client to determine brand voice, tone and styles.
  • Bonus: You’ve seen the diminishing organic reach and have begun to learn how to package/repackage your content to have a longer shelf life on search engines and other channels.
  • Bonus: You’re curious about growth hacking, growth marketing and specifically how e-commerce driven businesses grow and scale. From their customer journeys to their technology/marketing stacks and more.
  • Bonus: Gotten your hands dirty wearing multiple hats in digital projects – from coordinating the project, sending client updates, taking notes in brainstorms, conducting research with audiences, optimising ad campaigns, and so on.

You’ll Do

As Nendo’s Content & Social Media Marketer, you’ll find yourself executing on projects such as:

  • Curating and collaboratively writing Nendo’s weekly newsletter The Letter N.
  • Curate Nendo’s Telegram channel & community and keep us up to speed on the world of messaging – be it Facebook Messenger, LINE or WhatsApp
  • Curating, producing and distributing Nendo’s YouTube channel Digital Africa with Mark Kaigwa while experimenting on what viewers engage with best
  • Conceptualising and creating an email marketing course e.g. A 3-Day Email Course on Digital Leadership using marketing automation tools like or
  • Analysing posts by a brand and making recommendations on how they can discover their audience’s content consumption patterns and raise their organic reach.
  • Creating and A/B testing landing pages. You’ll write the words to give each a different target audience, tone of voice, call to action and style – working alongside a front-end designer to bring your idea to life
  • Creating a social media marketing campaign and executing across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp Status, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogs
  • Create & differentiate your content for paid, owned and earned social media.
  • Guiding a client’s first foray into video, coming up with their first concepts for live video (low-hanging fruit and low production values) and pre-recorded video productions
  • Rewriting copy for a website for it to perform better (substance) and read better
  • Installing onto an existing WordPress-powered website and rewriting pages & headlines for optimum search engine performance
  • Creating and executing on a brand seeking to experiment for 3 months where they cut their content calendar by half and experience equal, if not greater results than before
  • Briefing, sourcing and coordinating an Influencer Marketing Campaign to ensure that the content is authentic to the influencer(s) and valuable to the client
  • You can write a 3-page footnoted analysis on a topic you’ve researched as a ‘brief’ for client to engage with ahead of a key meeting
  • Bonus: You create a ‘lead magnet’ white paper report, write the copy and deploy 2 variants of a landing page and promote it across social media


The following count as bonus points if you’re capable and have tangible experience in the following projects/areas:

  • Copywriting experience in a brand/marketing/communications firm
  • You have a recommended “marketing stack” for clients
  • You can list your experience with various social media tools and have been able to use your content and social media skills to determine return on investment
  • Experience with content management systems specifically WordPress (though Squarespace, Magento, Joomla do count) is an advantage
  • You have booked and commissioned specialised digital experience on Fiverr or Upwork

Up for the challenge?

Fill out our recruitment survey – here – so we can get to know you, your skills and experience better. Even if you don’t have all the experience listed, if you’re an infinite learner, you have the chance to make this position, your growth and career into your own.





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