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RSMEA is looking to recruit a Human Resources Manager. He/She will be responsible for overseeing, across all offices, talent acquisition and staff development process and ensuring that the team is happy and empowered based on the firm’s values.

This role will provide the successful candidate with an opportunity to:

  • To create an integrated firm where partners and staff are empowered based on our value framework and where personal development and teamwork form the cornerstone of what we do.
  • Managing the staff portfolio from a satisfaction and culture perspective including ensuring that staff are productively engaged on a daily basis and reporting any exceptions to the HR Partner.
  • Demonstrating a positive, confident, and decisive attitude in communicating with staff and partners.
  • Ensuring that the job-by-job, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual evaluations are done for the required staff and any areas of improvement are communicated to the staff.
  • Ensuring training plan developed for each office is implemented and that a specific training plan is developed for each staff member based on their evaluation.
  • Producing reports in a timely manner for the HR Partner and the Board including talent acquisition updates, monthly, quarterly, and annual productivity reports, and monthly, quarterly, and annual training reports.
  • Demonstrating commitment to self-improvement by implementing a personal development plan.
  • Identifying and communicating HR issues in a timely and organised manner and escalating these to the HR Partner and the Board.
  • 95% of managers to be A-players and 100% retention of A-players.
  •  Annual staff survey and feedback with an average of 4.5 over 5.0.
  • Quarterly review process to be completed by 10th of the month following the quarter and annual by early December of each year, including goal setting.
  • Annual review of compliance to staff policy and procedures by 15th December.


The Human Resources Manager areas of focus and responsibility include the following:

Talent Acquisition:

  • Create a talent acquisition strategy to source, identify and attract A-Players for all open positions within the firm, be it from internal promotions or external sources.
  • Oversee the candidate selection process by interviewing candidates, together with the respective Partner, and an interview panel where required, to ensure that the prospective candidates have the require skills and are a good cultural fit for our firm and have a personal motivation to grow and contribute to the development of the firm.
  • Ensure that the induction and on-boarding process is carried out for all new employees, be it external recruits or internal promotions, and that the staff are fully integrated into the firm and their respective roles and a buddy allocated as per the policy.
  • Participate in employment events such as career fairs.

Staff Development, Satisfaction & Evaluation:

  • Implement the HR framework based on Topgrading methodology.
  • Oversee the employee satisfaction and happiness survey and develop an action plan arising from the surveys.
  • Ensure that the assessment process is conducted, and personal development plans are incorporated into the annual training plan.
  • Ensuring that the process of responding to employee queries is robust and feedbacks are incorporated to make RSM the best place to work at.
  • Working with the leadership team to develop and implement quarterly themes and oversee the implementation and celebration.

Termination and Exit of Staff:

  • Supervise the exit of terminated staff including exit interviews.
  • Ensure proper handover.

General Administration Duties:

  • Ensure compliance of all staff with the Staff Handbook, Quality Assurance and Risk Containment, Ethics and Independence and Anti-Bribery.
  • Assist in identification of an HR platform with focus on tasks management and outcomes.
  • Carrying out any other administrative duties as assigned.


The following qualifications, experience and capabilities will be required from the successful candidate:

  • Degree or Diploma in Organizational Development, Psychology, Human Resources, or a related field, and/or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience.
  • Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management from IHRM.
  • Minimum 3 years in the HR profession.
  • Holder of a valid practicing certificate from IHRM.
  • Experience in developing and delivering a broad range of learning and development experiences including experience with Learning Management Systems and e-Learning Platforms.
  •  Proven ability to effectively influence, build relationships and leverage the formal and informal organizational structure.
  • Ability to effectively lead organizational change with knowledge of change management principles, change communications, methodologies, and tools.
  • Ability to take initiative, “roll-up one’s sleeves” and bring creative new approaches and diverse solutions.
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to execute a range of job duties and changing priorities.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills with the ability to articulate information to a variety of constituents across cultures.
  • Professional maturity, sensitivity with different cultures, and impeccable integrity that exemplify the RSMEA values.


Key Competencies:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Team player
  • Able to earn respect of staff
  • Understands all relevant HR policies
  • Demonstrate ability to monitor and motivate staff while at the same time ensuring that they comply with the policies
  • Responsible
  • Ability to supervise
  • Flexible/adaptable
  • Listening skills
  • Chemistry between staff and the firm
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Committed to self-improvement
  • Training skills


  • Constantly communicate
  • Be reliable, straightforward, and honest (integrity)
  • In-depth understanding
  • Insightful solutions
  • Passionate
  • Responsive
  • Be open-minded
  • Be courteous
  • Respect each other
  • Collaborate across culturally diverse team members
  • Be innovative
  • Be inquisitive
  • Invest in personal growth
  • Read – Learn – Share

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RSM Eastern Africa

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