CloudFactory – Leadership Coach Manager.

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CloudFactory is a global leader in combining people and technology to provide a cloud workforce solution for machine learning and core business data processing. Our managed teams have experience working with hundreds of AI projects and can process data with high accuracy using virtually any tool. As an impact sourcing service provider (ISSP), CloudFactory creates economic and leadership opportunities for talented people in developing nations. Trusted by 170+ companies, we enrich data for 11 of the world’s top autonomous vehicle companies and process millions of tasks a day for innovators including Microsoft, Hummingbird, Ibotta, Luminar and nuTonomy. We’re on four continents, with offices in the U.K., U.S., Nepal and Kenya.

You will enjoy CloudFactory if creating meaningful work for 1 million people in the developing world excites you. Also if you value building relationships, can be described as both humble and courageous in the same sentence, and you are passionate about pooling individual talents to win as one unified team. You have developed your own engine for personal growth, and help others grow by giving both constructive and encouraging feedback. You love to do the crazy hard work upfront to make things simple for others and your approach is often thinking big, starting small and then scaling fast. If any of this resonates, it is likely you will enjoy and thrive at CloudFactory like nowhere else on earth!

Join us and make a difference in the world!

CloudFactory aspires to connect 1M people in the developing world to online work while investing in them to become leaders worth following. We’re operating in Nepal, Kenya, the UK, and the USA. Currently we have around 6,000 workers globally. We are experiencing global growth in our market and our workforce. CloudFactory is principles-driven. We seek to have all of our high velocity growth in a mindset of being a positive impact in the communities in which we operate – and in the lives of all of our team members. We deeply value relationships and non-hierarchy in how we relate to one one another, encourage growth, simplicity, and humble courage

CloudFactory Academy exists to build one million leaders worth following. The Academy provides learning, development and service programs that are aimed at developing and growing our global workforce to both effectively deliver work for our clients, and to maximise their own personal leadership potential. The Academy has a holistic approach to scaling leaders which involves combining three main elements together into a single experience –

Earning – where we support the CloudWorkers with opportunities to earning on CloudFactory workstreams delivering great work for clients;

Learning – where we engage our workforce in personal and professional growth and development programs;

Serving – where we create platforms for the workforce to be able to give back to their communities in a meaningful and impactful way.

The role:

The role will be central to the effective engagement and development of our global cloud workforce within CloudFactory Academy. They will contribute towards ensuring that our cloud workforce feel a strong sense of connection to the vision of CloudFactory, that they feel a sense of belonging and that they understand how they can perform well on workstreams and grow and develop personally throughout their time here. This role is primarily focussed on building a leadership coaching capability within CFA which helps to grow and develop our Cloud Workers across all 3C’s.

The Leadership Coaching Mgr will play an important part in developing the ‘career’ of the workforce throughout their time at Cloudfactory – by career, we mean the growth and development of people across all 3C’s; readiness for workstreams; and, the long term plan for their growth. They will ensure that ‘career’ progressions are being mapped out for our workers, and that the right systems and processes are being set up within CFA to help workers achieve their goal. They will ensure that the workforce have access to the help they need, and know where to get it. The coaching capability that this role will establish will provide access to 1:1 sessions, and specific group coaching sessions (both structured and systematic and more informal drop-in style). This needs to be available online and ‘on demand’, but also in some locations.

They will build close relationships with the leaders on the orientation program to ensure that workers know how to access leadership coaching, and to ensure that the current needs and challenges of the workstreams are being reflected in the program. This role will work closely with senior partners within delivery to ensure that the right systems and processes are set iup, along with the right coaching programs being established which drive the right behaviours and equip the workforce to perform well on workstreams. Finally, they will contribute towards establishing the processes that ensure that the performance challenges being experienced by workers within workstreams are being addressed by the performance coaching team.

The Responsibilities:

The main responsibilities of this role will be to –

  • To own and champion the career development of the workforce.
  • To help define further what ‘success’ at CloudFactory means in relationship to individuals in earning, learning and serving related activity and growing in the 3C’s.
  • Ensure we have the right systems and programs in place to effectively track and manage the ‘career’ development of the cloud workforce whilst they are within the Academy.
  • Partner with Delivery and CFA L&D Team to define skills and behaviour gaps and ensure we have the right coaching programs and systems in place to enable performance.
  • Contribute towards the definition and creation of processes for assessing performance across earn, learn and serve throughout the cloudworker lifecycle.
  • Help define the automations and reward systems that motivate, enable and empower the effective management of Cloudworker growth.
  • Designing and building a range of coaching interventions (both automated and human touch) to help enable effective growth and development across all 3C’s for our workforce.
  • Build strong working relationships, and systems, in partnership with Delivery that enable Team Lead’s to be able to request coaching interventions and follow up with specific individual Cloudworkers (in urgent situations), but generally, groups of Cloudworkers.
  • Contribute towards recognition events that celebrate our workforce for their achievements across all 3C’s.
  • To know, understand and actively help ensure that the EVP for Cloudworkers is clearly communicated and followed throughout CW lifecycle.
  • Fully participate as part of the Worker Success Leadership team of CFA to build and implement a strategy that increases the chance for CWs to increase character, competency and community to eventually grow to become Leaders Worth Following.
  • To coach and lead the development of the Leadership Coaching Team, and to promote the brand and reputation of this team across both CFA and the wider business.
  • Contribute towards, and implement the strategy which helps join up the experience of the workforce within CFA.
  • Help our Workforce perform across earn, learn and serve activities and grow as a 3C leader.
  • Help workers access the right resources and opportunities to grow personally and professionally throughout their time within the Academy.
  • Help shape simple mechanisms and channels for CloudWorkers to directly request and access career coaching.
  • To design and regularly run ‘drop in’ workshops that specifically help our workforce get the best from being part of the Academy.
  • Assist the workforce to discover and overcome their personal barriers and set goals.
  • Provide a range of coaching interventions (from 1:1 to workshops) that are tailored to address specific challenges.
  • Guide workforce in learning to complete job tasks.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of the workforce.
  • Keep records and documentation and prepare appropriate reports


Experience & Qualifications:

  • 5-10 years of relevant operational industry experience – you’ve spent time working in an operational role within a related business sector.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a role which required you to perform coaching and the development of individuals and teams.
  • Experience line managing people. One of the core areas that the programme covers is people management, so it’s important you have first hand experience to bring and share.
  • Coaching qualification is preferred.
  • You have a coaching approach which is based around clear deliverables and a structured and scalable method
  • Experience in working and building relationships with senior stakeholders
  • Strong organizational skills with outstanding attention to detail.
  • Proven ability to build high performance, dispersed teams.
  • University degree – preferably in social science or related field.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Fluent in business level English.
  • Understanding of what it takes to deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Proven experience of managing complex projects.

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