Greenlight Planet – Customer Service Quality assessor.

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About the company:  Greenlight Planet

Our mission is to power the lives of underserved customers. We do this by designing and distributing a line of affordable solar home energy solutions for households that are completely off or lack reliable access to the grid.

 Greenlight Planet has offices in 8 countries and more than 12 million Sun King™ solutions installed in more than 40 countries across Africa and Asia.

Our Sun King™ products range from an ultra-affordable, super portable Sun King Pico, priced at around $8 to more robust portable solutions that include USB charging ports and radios to plug and play multi-light solar home systems that provide light, basic accessory charging and television systems for $80-600. 

We sell more than 200,000 Sun King™ solutions per month to households around the world in three ways: through a vast network of more than 300 active distribution partners, thousands of rural retailers and through our networks of more than 6,000 direct sales agents in six countries (India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda).

To enable affordability for our consumers, we have developed Sun King™ EasyBuy, technology enabled pay as you go versions of our core product portfolio. Sun King™ EasyBuy allows customers to pay for their product in small installments over time; after the last payment is completed, the product is perpetually ‘unlocked’ for the household to use as desired.

 Greenlight Planet currently operates the industry’s largest ‘pay-as-you-go’ business, selling 50,000 consumer-financed solar systems per month through our network of 6,000 active field agents and 159 branch stores in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Position: Quality assessor

Job Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Reporting to: Customer Service Manager, Kenya

The Role: 

Quality assurance assessor is responsible for evaluating accuracy and quality of customer care team across various platforms – call center, ,system processes , social media, online chat. The QA will monitor inbound and outbound call, email responses, chat transcripts to assess team demeanor, technical accuracy, customer service performance, and conformity to company policies and procedures. Assists in developing, creating and implementing customer care quality processes and procedures; as well as making recommendation for enhancements to training materials as needed to enhance the overall customer’s experience. QA analyst reports to the Customer Service Manager. 

Job brief

  • Maintain and develop internal support and call center quality standards;
  • Review a subset of customer service agents’ conversations (calls, Social media responses , etc)
  • Assess call centre call and systems interactions based on internal standards;
  • Accompany evaluations with meaningful and constructive feedback;
  • Discuss and explain feedback with agents in regular meetings;
  • Analyze all customer service metrics (e.g. FCR, AHT ,CSAT , NPS) and how the support team’s performance affects those KPIs;
  • Create strategies to improve support KPIs;
  • Help agents improve their performance with specific instructions and constant support;
  • Map the need for training and onboarding programs and initiate these projects;
  • Monitor customer service performance on the agent and team level;
  • Create reports that reflect customer service support performance;
  • Participate in calibration sessions to maintain consistency in internal evaluations;
  • Contribute to the team culture in a positive manner
  • Provides feedback to customer care managers
  • Prepares and analyzes internal and external quality reports for management staff review
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor ‘s Degree
  • Excellent people skills and ability to work with large group of team members, 100+
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills and dedication to providing exceptional customer care
  • Must be self-motivator and self-starter
  • Focus on quality and customer service
  • Exceptional listening and analytical skills
  • Must adapt well to change and successfully set and adjust priorities as needed
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Office (intermediate Word, basic Excel)
  • Good organizational skills, knowledgeable in goal-setting practices;
  • Examples of data visualization abilities and understanding of support metrics;
  • Perception of basic business metrics and how support impacts those;
  • Problem-solving capabilities to create meaningful strategies to improve Customer service quality

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Greenlight Planet

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