CloudFactory – Onboarding Specialist.

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Primary Responsibility

You will be responsible for onboarding coordination, administration and training activities for all new core hires in our Nepal and Kenya regions. You will provide a more tailored onboarding programme for our Delivery function, ensuring that our teams are provided with the best possible start to CloudFactory and a meaningful career with us.


  • Coordinate and deliver the CloudFactory onboarding programme for all core employees in our Kenya/Nepal region, ensuring our culture and principles are fostered and celebrated with our new team members.
  • Create onboarding material that includes easy to understand processes and guidance/handbooks that detail company operations.
  • Create user friendly job skills onboarding kits with a detailed 3 – 6 months ramp plan for the new hires.
  • Spearhead engaging and scalable onboarding programs such as the buddy system program aimed at providing support to new hires.
  • Review and renew onboarding training programs, and prepare learning materials needed.
  • Map out the new hires ramp plan journey, experience and ramp period outcome. Initiate the necessary support for new hires to ensure a successful ramp period.
  • Foster collaboration with the technical team to enhance technical support experience for new hires.
  • Create a “who and how to” cheat sheet , FAQs and include necessary teams in the onboarding process to create a great experience for the new hires.
  • As one of the ambassadors of CloudFactory employer brand, benchmark and lead onboarding activities, interfunctional collaboration that creates an efficient new hires ramp journey that fulfils our commitment to the new hires.
  • Guide hiring managers on how to effectively plan and execute a positive and effective onboarding experience.
  • Deliver onboarding training to new and existing team members on essential knowledge and skills.
  • Responsible for monitoring, tracking, and recording the progress and completion of training to ensure team members are properly equipped to perform successfully in their roles.
  • Initiate relevant changes in the onboarding process and recommendations based on onboarding outcomes and feedback from the key stakeholders (& New hires) to improve the overall new hires experience with talent operations and CloudFactory as a whole.


  • 3+ Experience in Onboarding/ Employee Training or in a similar HR role.
  • Experience with training tools, HR standard software, such as IRIS and MS Office.
  • Good working knowledge of HR practices and labor legislation
  • The ability to work with sensitive and confidential information.
  • Interpersonal skills, including the ability to engage and motivate people, picking up on areas of concern and/or conflict and have good resolution and issue management skills.
  • Training capability: Ability to develop, coach and support high performing teams


  • Great Mission and Culture
  • Meaningful Work
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Market Competitive Salary
  • Health and Medical

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