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Generally, the duty of the Clerk of Works is to have detailed knowledge of the site, inspect the works and to ensure that the Contractor is at all times and in all respects complying with the Conditions of Contract, the Specification, and the Drawings and that he is conforming with the program of works, and in particular as follows:

Key Responsibilities

• Have detailed knowledge of the site

• Attend the works during operations which if carried out defectively would result in work in which the deficiency would not be immediately obvious.

• Record and transmit to the Head of Facilities / Project Manager and Architect the same day by telephone or by visiting the Architect’s office, all his own queries, Contractor’s queries and requests, and questions needing urgent decisions.

• Maintain a “Site Instruction Book” for the Architect and other Consultants to record instructions given on-site during site visits. (Architect or other Consultants to retain one copy).

• Examine the Contractor’s progress schedule, check and record the progress of the work, and note any delay with reasons.

• Anticipate work to be put in hand and ensure that all details and information are available in good time.

• As far as possible in advance or construction Examine all drawings and documents to check for discrepancies between Architect’s, other Consultants’ and Sub-Contractors drawings and details and report to  the Project Manager and Architect any problems that he considers may arise.

• Settle minor problems of details arising on-site to ensure that work proceeds in an effective, workmanlike and economical manner, provided the Project Manager and Architect are kept informed.

• Check setting out and levels, check the position, dimensions and plumb of all formwork before concrete is poured and of all structural members, walling

• Check the conditions, size, bending, fixing, spacing, cover, and positioning of all reinforcing steel and the condition, size, fabricating, setting out, connection, and erection of all structural steel and ensure that they conform with the Specification, Drawings, and bending schedules. Supervise the taking of site samples and delivery to the testing authority for testing for quality and

• Check whether any rebates, mortices, holes, fixings, fittings of similar items are required to be built into the structure before pouring concrete and check sizes and positions of these items in the

• Supervise the making of concrete test cubes, marking, dating, and curing and ensure that the contractor dispatched to the laboratory for testing at the correct time and to maintain an up to date record of all results and ensure that the Architect receives a

• Where approved samples are available compare work carried out against samples and ensure that it is consistent with the

• Ensure that the required standards of quality and accuracy of work and materials are maintained, and to refer work which in his opinion is inferior for inspection and decision by the Design team, taking all necessary samples or specimens of work

• Attend monthly site meetings, site visits, site inspections, and contractor coordination meetings.

• Confirm in writing with copies to the Architect or Consultant concerned instructions given to the Contractor and request confirmatory written Architect’s Instructions from the

• Endorse the Contractor’s day worksheets in respect of time and materials

• To ensure that the Contractor carries out all instructions, particularly those in regard to rejection of work and removal of rejected materials from the

• Check that only the latest issue of any drawing is being used on-site and that earlier copies are marked “SUPERSEDED” and PUT AWAY. Assist in the preparation of draft record

• Maintain contact with representatives of Local Authorities, Statutory Undertakings and the

• Try to anticipate and foresee difficulties on-site and advise the Head of Facilities in good time so that the necessary instructions can be

• Take minutes of site meetings and any other meetings as directed by the Head of Facilities.

• Prepare daily reports as directed by the Head of Facilities.

• Collate As-Built drawings for handover to the Client at the end of the Project.

Person’s Specifications

• Minimum Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering or any other engineering related

• Over 6 years’ experience in a busy construction site.

Application Procedure

Send your Application Letter and CV as one document stating your current position, contact details as well as names and contacts (telephone and e-mail address) of three (3) referees familiar with your qualifications and work experience. Indicating the Title of position and Reference Number on the subject line of your email to hard copy applications will not be accepted. Only those submitted through Email will be considered. The closing date for the applications is C.O.B  Monday 21st December 2020.




Mpesa Foundation Academy

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