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Location: Global & Regional

Liaison: with the Global Funding Team

Timing: Short Term during period 1st April to 30th Sept. 2021

Consultancy: It is envisaged that the tasks outlined below maybe broken up into more than one consultancy and maybe conducted by more than one consultant with different elements taking place at the same time / different times.

Purpose & Scope: This Procurement Consultancy is intended to build capacity of key country program staff through the development of online training modules, a helpdesk and FAQs (LWF Procurement Manual). In addition, a Procurement Process Review and Support is also planned, targeting a specific country program during this consultancy to ensure that adequate levels of quality and compliance are in place. The other key responsibility is to develop a global logistics manual providing clear and concrete guidelines for practitioners managing logistics in the Country Programs.

An overview of the tasks, timing, costs, expected results and deliverables are provided below.

Task: Procurement Training, capacity building & Remote Support


1.1 Conduct online procurement webinars & workshops for key staff in Country Programs (CPs).

Timing:    By 30th Sept 2021  

Expected Results‘: x’ Trained staff in ‘x’ CPs (Aug 2019 v.3 version of LWF procurement Manual). A short report documenting details of the trainings conducted.

Comments: Resources: using existing powerpoints


1.2 Develop standardized, concise, practical and up to date interactive training materials and modules to be available on demand on FABO (training platform) as future training for LWF staff in CPs.

Timing:   By 30th Sept 2021

Expected Results: Package of interactive ‘x’ training modules (developed, proven and tested) on the LWF Procurement Manual –available online on FABO.

Comments:  ENG language versions to be translated into ESP and FR


1.3 Establish an on demand help desk (email address) to provide ongoing support and technical advice on procurement to country programs

Timing:  By 30th June 2021

Expected Results; Accessible email help desk – to direct procurement related related questions from CP’s (country programs)


1.4 (And at the same time) to develop a FAQ document which can then be used in the longer term to support CPs (and be part of the training module)

Timing: By 30th June 2021

Expected Results: FAQ sheet posted on website intranet and Share Point accessible to all CP’s

Comments: Case studies, templates, practical examples, and the training modules will help to provide quality and review elements needed for some tasks

Procurement Compliance


2.1 To develop a comprehensive ToR for a Procurement Process Review  & Support (PPRS) – for future application in selected CP         

Timing: By 30th April 2021  

Expected results: A Final ToR for a PPR & S exercise.                 

Comments: to include observations and clear recommendations


2.2 To conduct an on-site visit to selected CPs and carry out a PPR & S exercise

Timing: By 30th June 2021

Expected results: Clear observations, recommendations and actions                   

Comments: Regional consultants will be identified. If budget is available 4 such exercises will be planned in 4 CPs in 2021

3.Logistics Guidelines


3.1 To develop clear and practical guidelines on logistics management, including asset, stock management, warehousing and transport management.

Timing: By 30th Sept 2021   

Expected results: A Global Logistics Manual – providing clear and concrete guidelines to field practitioners and managers

Comments : Will collect and review several examples from CPs and then sift and sort and develop one comprehensive global manual


3.2 Develop standardized, concise, practical and up to date interactive training materials and modules to be available on demand on FABO (training platform) as training for LWF staff in CPs on the newly developed guidelines on logistics management

Timing: by 30th Sept 2021   

Expected results :Package of interactive ‘x’ training modules (developed, proven and tested) on the LWF Procurement Manual –available online on FABO.

Comments: ENG language versions to be translated into ESP and FR.

Special Skills, Aptitude or Personality Requirements:

  1. Hands-on experience (3-5 years) in managing procurement and logistics in humanitarian/development sector.
  2. Training skills needed for the training and developing training modules
  3. Familiar with digitalized procurement systems and processes
  4. Good communication skills and ability to build capacity of staff.
  5. Empathy with LWF’s vision and values

 Reporting Lines:

The Consultant(s) will report to the Global Finance Coordinator

 Persons to work with:

  • Liaise with the Global Funding Coordinator and Officer as the focal points for this consultancy and with RPCs (Regional Program Coordinators) and various LWF Country Programs heavily involved in procurement

How to apply

Your application should include:

  • a detailed technical & financial proposal, including methodology, timeframe and budget
  • Clearly state which task(s) you are bidding for (1,2 and/or 3)
  • current CV with full and up to date contact details
  • examples of 2 similar consultancies previously undertaken
  • two professional references


Kindly write your full name in the subject line of your e-mail application.

The closing date for receipt of application 12 noon Geneva CET, 21 February 2021

Applications will be evaluated upon reception. Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.




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