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CARE is an international NGO with local staff and community partners in 100 countries. We create local solutions to poverty and inequality and we seek dignity for everyone every day and during times of crisis.  These solutions have a broad range, from disaster response to food and nutrition to education and work for women and girls to healthy mothers and children. CARE puts women and girls at the center of everything we do because when they have equal access to resources, they lift their families and communities out of poverty. Our staff live where they work, which makes us effective at understanding the challenges they face. We’ve been doing this for 75 years, since World War II. It started with the world’s first CARE Package® of food for the post-war hungry in Europe. Our work today is as important as ever, we believe that poverty and inequality are historic injustices that we can end within a generation, for good. If you share our core beliefs: poverty is an injustice; poverty is solvable; and together, we have the power to end it, join us, and Fight with CARE.
CARE International in Kenya is seeking to recruit a Safety and Security Focal (CO-SSFP) for its CARE Kenya Country Office (CO) aimed at overseeing the Safety and Security (S&S) function while recruitment of a permanent staff is completed.

Job Summary

Based in Nairobi, Kenya with occasional travel to field offices, when required; the CO- SSFP will lead and oversee the S&S function for CARE Kenya and work at all levels of the CO to strengthen S&S management documentation, implementation, practice, and training, communication, and S&S culture.
The CO-SSFP will also be responsible for implementing activities associated with an organizational Transition and Integration Implementation Plan for CARE Kenya.
The incumbent will support the CO review of the S&S structure, supervise CO S&S staff, assist with the recruitment process and support the induction of the permanent S&S Manager once they are onboard.
The incumbent will report directly to the Country Director (CD) for daily operations with technical support from the Deputy Regional Security Manager (DRSM) East Central & Southern Africa (ECSA) and the Regional Security Manager (Horn of Africa). The position is a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) and Crisis and Incident Management Team (CIMT).

  • Revisit and verify newly completed/updated Nairobi and regional Safety and Security Risk Assessments (SSRA)  (Dadaab, Garissa, Laisamis, Mandera, Western Region). Convert into CARE USA template and write a brief narrative to highlight differences and link them together to provide whole of country picture (involve CD). Clarify Risk Ratings
  • Revisit Standard Operating Procedures, facilities, and vehicles to confirm operational (equipment) safety and security deficiencies and gaps and verify adequate coverage in a revised FY21 budget.
  • Update Visitors Safety and Security Briefing based on SSRAs and make minor adjustments to format/template for CARE USA e.g. include Gender and Diversity as a category. Update all contact details.
  • In coordination with CARE CSU RiskReady: Carry out a full staff security training needs assessment by formally identifying what security training has been completed by each staff member and when and determining what training needs they might have
  • Develop and cost a comprehensive staff S&S training action plan based on the training needs assessment and include in FY21 and FY22 budgets
  • Draft/edit standardized CARE ToR for field based Safety and Security Focal Persons (SSFPs) and help identify most suitable staff to take on SSFP responsibilities. Add to staff member PD/JD.
  • Rewrite Safety & Security Management Plan (SSMP) based on new SSRAs in CUSA approved template.
  • Set up SMS blaster system and WhatsApp backup for all Regional Management Unit (RMU) and CO staff after evaluating the system used in the past
  • Conduct a Crisis and Incident Management Team (CIMT) simulation training.
  • Review existing security arrangements and protocols between RMU and CO, make recommendations ensure each unit is coordinated and complimentary.

 Phase 1 Outputs: Transition and integration activities within the first month of the consultancy:

  •  Revised national and regional SSRAs with updated risk ratings, SOPs and visitor’s safety and security briefings and report on CIMT simulation training
  • Updated Safety & Security Management Plan (SSMP) based on SSRAs in CUSA templates
  • Staff training needs assessment documented complete with prioritized budget and schedule of training for different staff cadres 
  • SMS blaster system set up, tested and validated and hosted within CO and RMU with focal points and clear handover plans during staff transition; and included in document on coordination arrangements between CO and RMU, signed by CD and RD.

Security Management

  • Reports to the CD to ensure staff and operational safety and security and is a member of the Country Steering Committee
  • Promotes the development of a security culture
  • Supervises guards/security service provider in the Country Office (CO)
  • Provides support in respect of safety & security to the CD and liaises with the Horn of Africa and RSM in respect of all key functions.
  • Guide the Assistant SSFP in completing incident reports in CARE USA SSIMS system
  • Monitor that the Assistant SSFP has conducted regular visit to every office compound and residence premises for ensuring that all safety kits, tools and appliances are in place, stocks are replenished on time before they run out of stock or being expired.
  • Other related tasks as directed by the CD or RSM.

Security Information Collection and Communication: 

  • Supports the CSC in collecting, updating and communicating information regarding the security situation within the country and specifically in respect of CARE programming
  • Communicates information on safety & security to the CD and the CSC as required
  • Communicates to the CD and CSC the need to update the Safety & Security Management Plan (SSMP) whenever changes in the situation or circumstances occur
  •  Maintains regular contacts with sub-offices promoting the CO’s security agenda
  •  Monitor security information and networks and ensure security information is disseminated appropriately and effectively to the concerned body
  • Liaise and network with NGO Forum, INSO, government, peer organizations and UN agencies to ensure receipt of timely information to enhance assessments
  • Participates in networking with other NGO security focal points or security officers

Security Planning and Implementation: 

  • Responsible for leading CO risk assessments and maintains the CO risk register
  • Has a high level of knowledge about all aspects of the SSMP and maintains the CO SSMP and oversees adherence to procedures and plans
  • Supervises the preparation and review of the CO Contingency Plans
  • Supervises the Communication Tree, keep updated version and test on a monthly basis
  • Coach and mentor the Security Officers and field Security Focal Points and promotes the completion of CARE Academy Safety and Security Modules by all CO staff
  • Supports actions during the implementation of the SSMP, as required
  • Supervises and follows up on a regular basis with all Sub-Offices safety & security requirements, including admin/logs support if required
  • Ensure Road Traffic Safety policy and procedures are properly implemented and adhered to
  • Support the program team with program design, safety and security budgets, information on access, and safety assessments
  • Provides advice on budgeting for operational safety & security related expenditures
  • Supervises the procurement of equipment related to safety & security upgrades and training
  • Oversees the implementation of all Standard Operating Procedures

Reporting and Information Sharing

  • Reporting security incidents affecting all CARE staff, offices and assets through the SIMSon system
  • Performs incident analysis and investigation relative to all incidents with advice and closure to all responsible functional management and supporting security management.
  • Drafts, edits and distributes routine security updates
  • Prepares a short monthly update on the CO Safety and security situation for the RSM, to be approved by the CD before being sent
  • Distributes information as directed by CSU to staff and the SMT
  • Monthly and quarterly checks and reporting as outlined in the SSMP
  • Ensures that safety & security is always an agenda item at staff meetings
  • Maintains routine and confidential correspondence files/documents related to safety & security
  • Maintains a database on contact details in relation to national country security authorities
  • Prepares and delivers safety & security briefs for staff and visitors

Phase 2 Expected Outputs: Safety & Security Focal Person for the Country Office.

  • Weekly reports to RSM.
  • Flash messages to RSM in response to notable incidents.
  • Support staff and partner capacity development.
  • Maintain safety and security management plan and contingency plans, amend as required.
  • Post Visit Report focused on practical recommendations for CARE Kenya to make improvements to safety and security management.



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