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Sanergy is an award-winning social enterprise that employs the circular economy approach to treat and convert all forms of urban waste into organic fertilizer and insect-based animal protein. Sanergy manufactures and distributes Evergrow Organic Fertilizer and Kuzapro Insect Based Animal Protein, under the Farm Star brands. We have collected and converted over 7,800 tons of waste. At the same time, we have built a team of over 250 people. For our work, we have been recognized by Fast Company as one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World Doing Social Good and one of the 10 Best Companies in Africa.

We are an increasingly sophisticated, highly intricate organization with many moving parts. Synergy seeks accomplished, driven individuals who will make substantive contributions to the organization. We currently seek a Quality Engineer who will join our Operational  Excellence team. 


Key Duties and Responsibilities





The role holder is expected to:

– Control both time and tasks with all matters regarding quality management. Emphasis on development and maintenance of quality management systems.

– Develop work plans and coach others to develop these as well as check adherence to the said work plans for him/herself as well as reports. Articulate progress on quarterly and yearly milestones regarding quality management systems

– Convert ambiguous tasks to tangible step by step actions to achieve goals or objectives. Give direction where necessary to stakeholders whether senior or junior regarding Product Quality, Process Quality and QMS.

– Take sole initiative to improve process quality and organization’s quality management systems

– Take ownership of the Process Quality docket end to end with minimal guidance from the manager.

– Take ownership of the Product Quality docket end to end with minimal guidance from the manager

– Report on weekly/monthly/quarterly product and process quality performance.

Problem Solving

The role holder is expected to:

– Take the lead in conducting Product and Process Quality related RCAs and use the problem-solving toolkit to diagnose and resolve issues. Coach reports to use the problem-solving toolkit and other methods as well.

– Identify problems throughout the process as well as lead initiatives to increase the organization’s error proofing levels to prevent a recurrence.

– Implement assigned CAPA. Assign CAPA to relevant action owners (Product and Process Quality).


The role holder is expected to:

– Lead development statistical process control systems benchmarked on global standards for processes. Use complex quantitative techniques/models to achieve this. Articulate outcomes to stakeholders as well as provide direction on next steps arising from insights from SPC system.

– Lead different teams in process and product quality risk assessments on a proactive basis and develop actions or systems to prevent variance occurrence.

– Continuously maintain data systems that leverage statistics to detect, analyze, correct and predict the performance of input and output variables (SPC) so as to achieve high performing predictable processes. Expected to continually perform statistical analysis (ANOVA, MANOVA etc) to uncover insights to maximize production yields. This is on both a proactive and reactive basis.

– Build systems that measure system performance and report on this within the Quality domain. Coach others on use and development of such systems.

– Be accountable for the implementation of process changes or CAPA with the aim of increasing process capability.

– Work with operational teams to improve process quality through process adherence audits.

– Own process and product related data streams and be responsible for maintenance, improvement and development (new) of databases

– Lead department (Ops Maturity) in the adoption of new quality management systems.


The role holder is expected to:

– Collaborate throughout departments and divisions (and clients) with the aim of driving performance of the quality management systems.

– Develop strong relationships with stakeholders in operations and product quality with the aim of exerting positive power in a bid to ensure teams are compliant with set procedures and SOPs.

– Work with the External Compliance team to ensure QMS is in line with external regulations and benchmarked on global standards

– Practice ethical conflict resolution between stakeholders in their spheres of influence and coach reports to do the same.

– Be proactive with regard to necessary process changes and/or improvements arising from CAPA. Be accountable for the implementation of process changes.

– Lead teams in change management efforts related to process quality aimed at reduction of variances. More specifically, guideline development, change request approvals, training and awareness development if office and shop floor.

– Collaborate with consultants tasked with QMS related efforts or workstreams.

External Collaboration

The role holder is expected to:

– Lead collaboration with existing external partners or vendors WRT process quality. (With Regard To)

– Build new relationships with partners with the aim of increasing value to the organization WRT QMS.

– Onboard new QMS systems.


The role holder is expected to:

– Reduce volatility within their domain through work planning and coach reports to do the same

– Take initiative to understand why variances in work plans exist and propose as well as implement solutions to ensure things go back on track

– Develop quarterly goals for the role as well as reports.

– Take initiative to understand production planning systems with the aim of understanding methodology and how that system relates to the SPC systems

Pragmatic Innovation

The role holder is expected to:

– Convert ambiguous tasks into tangible and actionable steps with clear outcomes. This relates to the analysis of variance, process improvements, product improvements, quality management systems and SPC.

– Lead the team in multi-stakeholder thought-shower sessions on a proactive and reactive basis WRT process improvements. Take ownership and accountability on the implementation of solutions developed.

– Coach reports and teammates on SPC development, usage and maintenance. Coach team on RCA methodology.

– Actively participate in problem-solving sessions unrelated to your work i.e. CAPA scrums and give input on innovative ideas to improve operations. Create a culture within the team to do this as well.

– Take lead and ownership with regard to the development of instructions or for new processes and equipment operations. Be ready to take and act on the feedback (on instructions) in a timely manner.

Financial Accountability

The role holder is expected to:

– Be informed of expenditures within the quality team.

– Actively seek out opportunities for improvement that require expenditure and be able to exert positive power to get these through

– Not responsible for cost/expenditure/revenue targets

Listening and asking questions

The role holder is expected to:

– Guide and coach Process Quality/Control reports (associates and technicians) through projects by asking great questions with the aim of developing the reports’ thinking and innovative skills

– Ask thoughtful and leading questions to spark different thinking in team-mates and reports’ workstreams.

Giving and receiving impactful feedback

The role holder is expected to:

– Lead performance evaluation of his/her reports as often as possible so as to improve quality of work, attitude and approaches.

Engaging and motivating team members

The role holder is expected to:

– Improve the morale of the team members through constant engagements and articulating the big picture of the department’s work. Continually point out achievements to improve motivations

Building a positive, learning & productive culture

Through performance evaluations, the role holder is expected to foster an attitude of learning from failure and taking calculated/educated risks.


Skills, Qualifications & Experience Required:

  • Masters degree in Engineering/Manufacturing is preferred

  • Quality control certification advantageous.

  • Excellent attention to detail.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication.

  • Data analysis and statistical aptitude.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Familiar with company and industry quality standards and processes

Experience with HACCP


To Apply

To apply, please submit a cover letter clearly indicating your available start date (include notice period), your interest in this role, and your resume/CV that includes a list of three referees by Monday 31st May. Please note that applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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