Send a Cow – Head of Thematic Support (Nairobi).

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Send a Cow is a growing and dynamic international development charity providing training and ongoing support to smallholder farmers in six African countries. We give poor families and communities the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the land, in line with our vision of a confident and thriving rural Africa.

We are looking for an experienced Head of Thematic Support and Capacity Building based in Nairobi, Kenya. This role comes at a time of exciting transition with a new 10-year strategy.

This is a leadership role and is responsible for ensuring country teams, partners have the confidence, capacity, tools and training to deliver high quality programmes that transform communities. The role coordinates and clarifies SAC policies and positions. The role champions SAC three core thematic areas of Sustainable Farming, Gender and Social Inclusion and Enterprise Development. The role line manages, coordinates and supports three Regional Thematic Coordinators. The role plans and priorities SAC research, learning and engages in external networks. The role holder ensures that SAC programmes are up to date and can appropriately implement new thinking, innovative ideas across SAC core work. To help promote SAC models and approach to other organisations.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about Send A Cow, passionate about quality and believe that poor communities and environment deserve the best of our work to show up all the time we would love to hear from you. You will bring in-depth experience in community development in East Africa, demonstrable successes delivering quality, ability to build the capacity of country teams and partners. You will have exceptional coordination (internal and external) skills and ability to prioritise in a demanding role. You will be a resourceful and able to find creative ways out of resource constraints.

Job Purpose
To help deliver the vision and strategic goal of SAC of lifting people and communities out of poverty. Within that, to oversee the delivery of high-quality thematic support to country teams, partners and SAC as a whole in ways that helps deliver SAC’s new 10-year strategy and mission. The role focuses on ensuring SAC projects and programmes implement the three thematic areas of Sustainable Farming, Gender and Social Inclusion and Enterprise
Development in an integrated and holistic way. To line manage, coordinate and support Regional Thematic Coordinators. To prioritise and advance SAC research, learning and thematic networking. Ensures SAC programmes are kept up to date with new thinking, innovative ideas across SAC core work. To help promote SAC model to other organisations.
Scope of the Job

  • Strategic oversight and leadership of SAC thematic support and capacity building
  • Leads and develops SAC Constant Quality Improvement framework
  • Coordinates thematic support.
  • Leading SAC research into how to improve the impact of our work for communities
  • Supports Fundraising
  • Works closely with Africa Regional Director
  • Works closely with SAC country teams
  • Works closely with UK fundraising team


  • Regional thematic coordinators (farm systems, gender and social inclusion and enterprise and innovation development).

Duties and Key Responsibilities

Strategic Support and Leadership:

  • Develops and implements SAC Thematic Support and Capacity Building strategic plan in line with SAC 10-year strategy;
  • Develops, manages, and reports on thematic relevant Key Performance Indicators
  • Participates as a member of SAC Programme Leadership Team
  • Advises SAC senior leaders on thematic issues
  • Leads and identifies thematic risks to country programmes
  • Develop and promotes SAC constant improvement plans
  • Supports the development and proper running of Community of Practice across SAC priorities
  • Helps to develop SAC knowledge management strategy
  • To explore and articulate a demand led approach to quality at community level Coordination
  • Coordinates SAC thematic support to meet the needs of countries, partners, and SAC group
  • Develops and updates country technical needs
  • Ensures that all Thematic Coordinators have clear work plans and provide equitable support to country teams
  • Ensures and coordinates technical learning reviews Capacity Building and Quality:
  • Oversees the capacity building of thematic/technical staff and partners in country team
  • Develops and implements SAC three-year capacity building plan
  • Ensures that SAC has in place a Thematic Trainer of Trainers programme,
  • Ensures SAC capacity building and technical support is systematic, well planned and monitor
  • To coordinate technical consultants and manage consultancy budget where applicable
  • Ensures that relevant training materials are developed and updated
  • Innovation: Brings new ideas to improve effectiveness of delivery of quality and to improve our SAC model Fundraising and Networking:
  • Support SAC fundraising efforts
  • Spends about 30% of their time coordinating and ensuring timely quality technical input into funding proposals
  • Develops thematic proposals for funding
  • Develops a thematic quality checklist for proposals and reports Staff Management:
  • Line manages motivates and supports Regional Thematic Coordinators.
  • Ensures each thematic coordinator have clear roles and responsibilities
  • Provides adequate supervision and performance management
  • Provides constant feedback to the Regional Thematic Coordinators Research:
  • Leads SAC research across SAC core thematic areas
  • Develops annual research priorities and plans
  • Supports research funding proposals
  • Creates and deepens relationships with research institutions
  • In charge of engaging and networking with resource partners and research institutions Safeguarding
  • Supports Regional Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator
  • Stands in as Africa’s safeguarding lead when needed
  • Demonstrable and strong track record building technical capacities in Africa
  • Significant experience in community development and in-depth understanding of development trends and practice
  • Significant experience managing technical experts in development sector
  • Demonstrable experience in Training of Trainer Approaches
  • Significant experience coaching and mentoring staff and or partners
  • Strong line-management experience
  • Strong experience in at least one of SAC priority thematic areas (Farm Systems, Gender and Social Inclusion or Enterprise Development).
  • Experience in supporting country programmes and advising senior managers in technical areas.
  • Experience liaising with fundraising team and donors
  • Strong experience in project design and project review




Deadline is 24th May,2021





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