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To support the Group’s short and long-term planning processes by providing a comprehensive understanding of all the markets we operate in today and any we may choose to venture into in the future. Thus enabling the Group to make well-informed decisions that give it a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This role will help enhance proactive and agile decision-making through the provision of an in-depth and unbiased understanding of demographics, market economies, customers, retailers, competition, global and local market trends, growth opportunities and threats, Influencers and other key business drivers.

This role will also be involved in the innovation and portfolio management processes. It will provide market insights and trends helping to identify unaddressed needs leading to new products or extending current products to cover more needs. The role will at the same time provide objective data when it comes to portfolio rationalization.


1.Establish robust best in class data and information management processes that will support the Group’s journey towards databased decision-making. Ensuring that relevant data, information and insights are proactively shared with key stakeholders across the group.
2.Be involved as a strong contributor in key Group processes on annual budget planning, innovation, portfolio management, data acquisition and research.
3.Provide an end-to-end understanding of the landscape we operate in; focusing on, economies, demographics, competitive environment, market trends (customer, retailer, influencers) providing insights that support decision-making across the group.
4.Create processes and systems to ensure Brand Health Tracking and reporting becomes an entrenched process across the entire Group.
5.Create robust systems and process that help provide clarity on market sizes, shares and growth projections across the groups.
6.Provide Insights that allow us to win with retailers in the market place as well as ensure where we provide the retail services we are optimally located to serve customers.
7.Proactively provide market and competitive action-oriented insights through presentations and reports to the Group’s management teams to allow effective decision-making.
8.Maintain up-to-date knowledge of data sources, evaluating their credibility and potential utility, and leverage them across the Group where appropriate.
9.Work closely with Group management teams to identify emerging needs and business challenges.
10.Provide systems and processes to help measure the success our Marketing Campaigns and initiatives.
11.Develop systems to develop an analytics culture within the Group management teams to build skills which enhance their use of data, information and insights provided.
12.Work in close collaboration with market research groups in the different markets to understand the key market fundamentals that may impact the Group supply chain
13.Interface with the Group Management Team to gain insight into the strategic priorities of the Group and positively impact the spend portfolio through commercially relevant and timely market intelligence
14.Manage database and repository for market data, including product prices, supply and demand fundamentals, manufacturer cost models, and all other relevant pieces of information.
15.Perform scenario-based analyses to help predict future market conditions and product prices based on a complex set of dynamic variables, and robust price forecasting models.
16.Participate in Group management teams’ meetings to deliver market intelligence assessments and product market updates on a regular basis or as required.
17.Provide budget inputs, prepare annual research plan and allocate resources.
18.Provide support to all BUs and monitor all requirements for various value-added service.

Qualifications required:

•Minimum academic qualification: Bachelor’s Degree
•Qualifications as an added advantage: Related work experience, MBA or Master’s Degree with focus on economics, market research, engineering, or related subject.

Experience required:

•General work experience (years): 12 years
•Specific to the position (level/discipline/years): at least 7 years in a similar role

Key competencies and skills:

•Demonstrated ability to use insights and market intelligence to drive the business.
•Strong leadership skills especially when encountering management push back.
•Strong influencing skills with senior management and peers.
•Ability to distil and simplify difficult and complicated concepts to their essence in written or verbal communication.
•Ability to challenge at all levels any opinions that are not anchored or supported by data.
•Very strong data mining, analytical and business analysis skills
•Critical thinking and problem solving
•Strong collaborator
•Excellent understanding of Research methodology as applied to the business environment.
•Demonstrated ability to coach and develop teams.
•Ability to network effectively and to influence at all levels.
•Ability to work with agencies while delivering value for the business.
•Ability to use networking skills and to continuously expand the network.


Job Closing Date: 23/06/2021




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