Sidian Bank – Officer – Loans Processing.

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Officer – Loans Processing

Branch: Kilimani Branch – Head Office

Department: Shared Services

Reports to: Manager, Loans Processing

Job Purpose:

The role is expansible for loan processing, verification, documentations and maintenance of approved loan facilities in the T24 Core Banking system in line with the bank policies and procedures in a prompt, efficient and proficient manner.

Key Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Prompt and efficient processing of all loan products disbursement facilities in T24 core banking system.
  • Processing of RTGS instruction as per the credit checklist and credit approval on loan disbursed amount.
  • Loan termination, liquidation and pay offs of loan related facilities in core banking in respect to customers instructions and credit approval.
  • Ensure marking of Limits/Overdraft and maintenance in core banking systems as per credit approvals and customers request.
  • Posting of refunds/recoups in T24 core banking system as per customers instructions and credit approval and collecting commissions as per the bank policy.
  • Posting reversal on mis post as per branch request or customer request instructions.
  • Processing of loan write offs and write back in core banking system as per board and credit approvals against loan provisions in GL.
  • Posting of collateral refund as per credit approvals and customers’ requests.
  • Loan amendments on repayment dates, interest rate and modification of terms as per credit approvals.
  • Manual loan recovery as per the request both from branch and credit requests to reduce PAR.
  • Restructuring of Non-performing loans in T24 core banking systems as per credit approvals/board approval.
  • Timely processing of Contractual Savings Standing Orders as required during loan booking to increase cash collateral Lien amount intended as security for the loan.
  • Handle customer complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them. Assist to answer all loan services and customer phone calls. Resolve all issues and maintain knowledge on all loan servicing procedures. Manage all communication with internal departments to facilitate all loan processes credit department.
  • Prompt and efficient response to branch queries raised through email within 24 hours to meet customers timelines and customers’ needs as per the bank policy.
  • Keenly reviewing, verification and approvals of documents in credit quest before any disbursement is done for proper/correct processes to avoid error/loss of bank funds.
  • Accurate filing of all loan related facilities, recoups/refunds, Loan disbursements, overdrafts, cash collateral, amendments and other client instructions as effected in the unit for future reference and ease retrieval when need arises.
  • Reconciliation of Disputed loan schedules and loan deductions in core banking system to ascertain true position as per documentation verses T24 system.
  • Ensure proper reconciliations of interest collected upfront and commissions collected on all related loan facilities.
  • Provision of loan processed reports for ease of tick back both physical and system entries.
  • Daily loan tick back of all processed loan application form with the system entries/transactions for submission to registry for archiving.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • University degree.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a loans processing role using T24 with AA knowledge.
  • Experience in AA reconciliation related issues.


Apply by: 2nd Jul, 2021




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