Zalego Academy – Sign Language Interpreter.

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StepWise is partnering with Zalego Academy to hire experienced Sign Language Interpreter. StepWise is making an impact by providing people with physical disabilities in the developing world with meaningful employment in the digital economy. Our highly motivated and skilled teams located in East Africa perform data processing tasks such as transcription and digitization, data labelling and annotation for machine learning and artificial intelligence data sets, and content moderation. StepWise has offices in Austin, Texas and Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Provide sign language (SL) interpretation services for persons with hearing impairment within the organization. 
  • Clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality, adhere to do no harm principle, and Zalego safeguarding guidelines. 
  • Attend training, meetings, and workshops as well as offer interpretation services.
  • Serve as a liaison to promote good public relations between the deaf/hard of hearing students, hearing peers, staff, faculty members, and parents.
  • Exhibiting an interest for self-improvement in signing ability, interpreting skills and establishing a better understanding of the educational process.
  • Attend all the necessary programs to improve skills necessary to deal with individuals in the deaf/hard of hearing program.
  • Assisting in maintaining equipment used in the classroom including auditory trainers.
  • Interpret conversations, meetings, training sessions, interviews or other requested event
  • Providing oral interpretation services to employees who do not use sign language
  • Interpreting in a variety of communication modes during agency-wide work-related events such as programs, conferences, and appraisals, and counseling sessions, etc. for specific training needs and benefits
  • Collaborate with external contractors for interpreter requirements as needed
  • Enlighten supervisors and staff on Deaf Culture and interpreter services
  • Any other related duties as assigned.


  •  Holder of Diploma or BSc Social sciences (special education)  
  • Diploma in Kenyan Sign language with at least 3 years of working experience.  
  • Professional registration with the Kenya Sign Language Association  
  • Experience in counseling will be an added advantage.  
  • MUST have knowledge and experience in working with children, youths, and PWDs, especially persons with hearing impairment.  
  •  Proficient understanding of cultural sensitivity, and ability to collaborate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


  •  Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with young people.  
  •  Excellent communication, active listening, and interpersonal skills.  
  •  Excellent customer service skills








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