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How to make an ATS-friendly CV step by step:

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is software commonly used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications. You should ensure that your CV is well formatted. An ATS-compliant CV comprises of the right keywords that matches with the job advert, essential experience and professional skills. There is no perfect ATS CV since the system may be twisted and set up differently based on the keywords required by the recruiter.

Step one

Ensure you respond to precise job advert based on your skills and qualifications. Go through the job description and try to tailor your wordings, skills and format to fit the required skills.  Try to figure out what the recruiter may be looking for specifically from the best candidate.

 In fact, you should treat the job description as a benchmark for your application documents. No, you won’t know how the recruiter set up the system, but you can make informed guesses on the basis of what they specified in the ad.

How to make an ATS-friendly CV step by step:

Step two: Choose the best CV format.

There are three main resume formats: functional resume, chronological CV, and combination CV. Among the three, the chronological CV is the most preferred and the safest because no ATS will encounter problems when parsing it.

Step three: Use the fonts that are ATS-readable.

The fonts that are readable by human beings and machines are the best CV fonts. Select simple, professional-looking fonts for your CV. Write your CV segments in an understandable way.

The resume section headings must be easy to understand since the ATS will identify your experience on a resume rather than achievement.

How to make an ATS-friendly CV step by step:

Step 4 Use the ATS CV keywords.

It is important to use the right keywords. An ATS compliant CV must follow the rules set out in the advert. So have a look at phrasing, language used and define your experience based on the language of the job posting. If the recruiter is looking for a team-player, then clarify yourself as on. If you major your teamwork skills as being cooperative then you will miss out the keyword completely and probabilities are, the ATS CV test will miss it too.

Step 5: Select the right skills for the position.

Putting the precise skills on your CV will indicate to the ATS that you are the best candidate and you deserve higher score than other candidates. Ensure you include the original wording at least once just in case you use the synonyms of the word to avoid missing out. If your CV goes past the ATS scan, the recruiter will still have to check through your CV if you are the best candidate, so keep the recruiter in mind too.

Step 6: Have the ATS in the back of your mind when writing your CV

Do not forget to use the right keywords, phrasing, and focus on the areas outlined in the job advert.

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