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7 Common Errors to Avoid When Writing a CV

Curriculum Vitae is a document which gives an overview of education background, skills that you have acquired and the experience.  It is used by job seekers especially when applying for various jobs. The CV allows you to sell your skills and abilities to potential recruiters.  It is a powerful marketing tool that should be written well to attract the attention of recruiters since they spend around 7 seconds to conclude if you are the best candidate or not. Good CV aim at bearing fruits and you are likely to be called for an interview.

There are common errors that lead to rejection of your CV when you apply for particular jobs;

  1. Improper Email Address

When applying for a job, ensure that the email is professional. Avoid funny emails which may put off the recruiter while going through your CV. To make this easier, you may use your name when creating an email.

  1. Negative information

Positive information should only be in your CV. Avoid negative information that criticizes former colleagues, boss or any information that displays desperation and regrets.

  1. Poor Language 

CV should always be concise, clear and easy to read to avoid turning off the recruiters. Avoid the use of clichés, jargons and words that may make the recruiter refer to dictionary to get the meaning. A clear CV creates good first impression and it will make the recruiter to go through the documents.

  1. Poor Formatting

Make use of Calibri and Times New Roman when writing a CV and the size should not be less than 10. Appropriate fonts impacts greatly on the readability of your application.

  1. Spelling errors

A good written CV should be error-free CV. Before submitting the application, ensure that you proofread to check any grammatical errors. You may use spell checker to ensure that the CV is grammatically correct.  Take time to go through your CV to minimize the mistakes and ensure that you use the correct tenses. The best way to check the mistakes is by printing out the CV then go through it by reading aloud. Reading aloud will enable you to give attention to specific words and make it easy to identify mistakes. 

  1. Incorrect Information

When writing a CV, ensure that you don’t lie. Incorrect information will lead to disqualification and rejection and you may end up being jailed. Recruiters usually conduct background checks to ascertain if the given information is correct or false. Dates and experience should match up and correct to avoid suspicion.

  1. Irrelevant information

A good CV should have relevant information which is line to job description. Avoid personal information like nationality, hobbies, marital status, and religious beliefs unless you are asked to indicate. You should focus on accomplishments and not majorly on responsibilities. Mention the value you contributed to the company to convince the employer on what impact you will bring.


A well written CV should be concise with relevant information that is in line with job description. Unnecessary information increases the length of the CV and it may lead to being thrashed. A CV should be regularly updated and tailored to fit the job description to avoid missing out on opportunities. Consult professional CV writers to guide you.




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