UNICEF – Individual Contractor(Disability Inclusion in Operations).

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Job no: 544010
Contract type: Consultancy
Level: Consultancy
Location: Kenya
Categories: Supply/Logistics

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential.

Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone.

And we never give up.

                                                                             TERMS OF REFERENCE

Title of Assignment:Individual Contractor Disability Inclusion Operations


Location:Duty station and Remote working as appropriate.

Duration:8 months

Start date:From:   1/10/2021  To:  31/05/2022  

Background and Justification

Over the past few years UNICEF has adopted several Executive Directives, operations procedures and mechanisms specifically related to disability inclusion, encompassing programming, human resources, accessibility of facilities, premises and ICT systems, as well as on inclusive procurement and communications. They include Executive Directive on Disability and the related Disability Accommodation Fund, the Executive Directive on Accessibility of Programme-Related Construction Activities, the Procedure on Efficiency and Inclusive Access in UNICEF Premises and Operations, and the ITSS Policy for Accessibility and Support for ICT products and services.

The UN Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS) was launched by the UN Secretary-General in May 2019 to ensure sustainable and transformative progress on disability inclusion. UNICEF submitted its first annual UNDIS report in March 2020. In June 2020, the UNDIS Country Team Score Cards were launched and each country office will be expected to report annually on the score cards through the Resident Co-coordinators. The UN Secretary General´s October 2020 progress report on the UNDIS calls upon UN agencies to allocate adequate human and financial resources for disability inclusion.

While UNICEF has made considerable progress to strengthen inclusion and accessibility both in programming and operations, the commitments in the current Strategic Plan and in UNDIS require of us an intentional effort to further advance disability inclusion as part of our collective work at UNICEF.

Therefore, there is a need for a Disability Inclusion in Operations Specialist on advancing the indicators of UNDIS which cut across UNICEF’s operational activities, complementing the ESAR Disability Inclusion Team´s efforts to advance UNDIS indicators for disability inclusive communications and programming.

Strategic office context

The Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) coordinates and supervises UNICEFs work in 21 countries across the region. The regional office is a hub of technical support, policy guidance and oversight as well as overall leadership on children’s issues.

UNICEF is currently striving to improve our global programmatic efforts within disability and the ESA region has been selected as a priority area. In the coming years, ESA will increase its programmatic focus on disability matters, and better integrate disability perspectives into active programming across UNICEF key pillars, whether they be Education, WASH, Health or social protection.

This increased focus on disability will also ensure assistive technology and disability inclusive products are better integrated and prioritized in active programming. This product focus is a relatively new area for UNICEF and as such the organization is starting from a relatively low base. However, the recent years has seen a sharp increase in prioritization for this area, both politically and in terms of resources. UNICEF is working together to build on this momentum and make sure that UNICEF is better equipped to ensure a better future for children with disabilities through the introduction of quality and appropriate assistive technologies.

The position will be placed under the Regional Supply Advisor in ESARO. The East and Southern Africa Region will be spearheading an increased global prioritization of children and persons with disability and the selected Disability Inclusion in Operations Specialist will contribute to that effort with a strong experience within inclusion and assistive products as well as general advocacy for the rights of persons with disability.

Scope of Work

Key tasks/Activities

The Disability Specialist will work to underpin the increased disability efforts across the 21 countries, as well as ensuring the ongoing activities include a product focus. This will, among other things, involve:
a) Review of and development of tools or regional guidelines for disability inclusive procurement.
b) Working with programme specialists and country offices to gather information on the level of the disability inclusion, risks of neglect of disability inclusiveness, promote the disability agenda in all operations, programs via community engagement and partnership to help create awareness around assistive technology and a demand for it (e.g. OPDs, families, schools, university, hospitals/health centres).
c) Support country offices operations to advocate, promote the inclusion of disability inclusive product perspectives in existing and upcoming programming through building the capacity of suppliers (prioritization of local suppliers to ensure availability of locally produced products). General advocacy and advising on the importance of procuring and implementing accessible products and services encouraging the inclusion/integration, sustainability of new disability inclusive products.
d) Promote the importance of transformational potential assistive technology and disability inclusive products on both education, mental health and ultimately the general wellbeing and quality of life. Increase awareness at country office level across the region on the importance of procuring and implementing accessible products and services, for their programmatic activities across all sectors.
e) Provide technical assistance to promote market shaping activities to increase availability, affordability and sustainability of the needed products. Support COs to carryout market surveys to identify suppliers of assistive technology and disability inclusive products in the ESA region.
f) Work to use UNICEF influence to inspire other organizations (UN or NGO) operations to more actively engage in the disability space, including on assistive technology through networking or established clusters, as appropriate.
g) Supporting the in-country implementation of the United Nations Disability and Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS), with a strong emphasis on, but not limited to, UNDIS indicator 8 on inclusive procurement. UNDIS has four main pillars, Leadership, Inclusiveness, Programming and Organizational Culture. This position will primarily assist in the implementation within the “Inclusiveness” pillar, with Indicator 8 and its three main elements as the primary focus: i) Ensuring accessible procurement policies are implemented. ii). Ensuring accessible products and services are being procured. iii) Ensuring disability inclusive suppliers are considered. Included in this work is understanding how UNICEF ESARO can use its market strength to leverage the market especially with regards to focus area 3 described above. The Disability Inclusion in Operations Specialist will also support the implementation of UNDIS indicators on operation. This will among other things involve: i) Review of disability inclusive operations procedures in COs to identify any gaps. ii) Support to the RO and the 21 COs in ESAR to implement UNDIS indicators on operations, including accessibility of infrastructure and inclusive HR.

h) Work closely with programmes at regional/country levels to provide technical guidance on product selection for assistive technology and disability inclusive products, as well as technical assistance in procurement process of said products. This process also involves ensuring sustainability considerations are made during the selection process.

The role requires a strong understanding of the challenges and barriers for persons living with disabilities in low income countries. The position will help ensure UNICEF is able to promote equality and inclusion across all aspects of society. Finally, the role also requires a solid understanding of UNICEF programming.

The Individual Contractor for Disability Inclusion in Operations role requires strong communication and interpersonal skills as the position will need to support the country offices in the ESA region as well as collaborate with HQ division in New York and Copenhagen.

The position is an individual contractor and as a result the following shall be carried out consistently across each month throughout the contracting period.

a) Promote sustainable inclusion of the disability perspective into existing and upcoming country programming across the region.
b) Assist country offices in needs assessments within disability programming. Better understanding needs, demand, barriers and challenges is essential for successful programming
c) Help UNICEF programmatic colleagues raise awareness on the importance of assistive technology for children with disabilities and create a demand for it amongst families and government (health, education, social protection officers) alike.
d) Ensure OPDs and parent groups are strongly engaged in the selection and prioritization of assistive technologies and advocating towards authorities for its availability (school, health, government) and on its importance.
e) Advocate the need for products and services to be accessible across programmatic areas, considering connection with various social protection schemes for families with children with disabilities.
f) Technical assistance to the regional and country level in the implementation of the United Nations Disability and Inclusion Strategy.
g) Support the development of strategic approaches to product innovation/product adoption, with a special focus on assistive technology, and subsequently supporting country offices in implementation.
h) Technical assistant to COs in the correct product selection based on need/resources available.
i) Demand mapping to understand pathways to requirements for all assistive technologies and disability inclusive products managed whether global or local.
j) Supplier mapping to understand the potential supply of assistive technology and inclusive products in the region.
k) Creating scaling strategies for the introduction of new products with an emphasis on assistive technology and disability inclusive products.

Payment Schedule
The individual contractor shall be paid a fixed amount monthly for the performance of the assignment. The individual contractor shall be responsible for the payment of all income related taxes required by law of the Government. He/she will be responsible to arrange his/her own medical insurance policy and as a result UNICEF will not pay for any other payment separately. The individual contractor is therefore required to consider all such payments in the submission of his/her monthly payment.

In order to ensure the effective execution of the tasks, this assignment may include travel to the country offices so UNICEF shall pay for all travel related expenses including subsistence allowance at the approved UN rate.

Desired competencies, technical background and experience
Advanced university degree in one or more of the following areas: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Procurement, Business Administration, Management, Economics, Contract/Commercial Law, International Development, Health or related social science field.*First university degree combined with additional two years relevant professional work experience and understanding of relevant functions may be considered in lieu of advanced university degree.

5 years professional experience in programme/project management especially UNICEF programme management is required.

The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate the following competencies that are necessary for this consultancy:

a) Working knowledge of UNICEF programmes and project management experience.
b) Works independently and is problem-solving oriented.
c) Able to quickly understand instructions, to proactively seek clarification when needed.
d) Works well in a multi-cultural environment and establishes harmonious and effective working relationships.
e) Demonstrates communication and relationship-building skills.
f) Proven capacity to work across different locations utilizing technical skills within supply chain management and data visualization, management and/or monitoring.
g) Understanding of disability inclusive products.

The successful candidate must exhibit the UNICEF Core Values of:

• Care
• Respect
• Integrity
• Trust
• Accountability


• Builds and maintains partnerships
• Demonstrates self-awareness and ethical awareness
• Drive to achieve results for impact
• Innovates and embraces change
• Manages ambiguity and complexity
• Thinks and acts strategically
• Works collaboratively with others

Fluency in English is required.

Administrative issues

The individual Contractor shall be required to work remotely and, in some circumstances, required to work from the UNICEF ESARO Office in Nairobi. A computer shall be provided, and the individual contractor shall observe the UNICEF policies and procedures governing the use of the computer and all other office equipment issued for the execution of this assignment.

The individual Contractor will be required to sign the Health statement for consultants/Individual contractor prior to taking up the assignment, and to document that they have appropriate health insurance, including Medical Evacuation, as applicable.

The consultant/contractor is expected to be home (or Nairobi) based with potential travel to one or more countries in ESAR depending on COVID-19 travel restrictions in 2021 for which the UNICEF office would cover DSA and travel costs. Travel will be in economy class. If the consultant/contractor is required to quarantine while traveling, UNICEF will pay for the quarantine if not organized by the host country.


All payment to the individual contractor shall be governed by the contract signed between UNICEF and the Individual Contractor.

The consultant will be expected to bring his/her own equipment.

The consultant/contractor is expected to be home (or Nairobi) based with potential travel to up to ___ countries in ESAR depending on COVID-19 travel restrictions in 2021 for which the UNICEF office would cover DSA and travel costs. Travel will be in economy class. If the consultant/contractor is required to quarantine while traveling, UNICEF will pay for the quarantine if not organized by the host country.

While under contract, the candidate selected will be governed by and subject to UNICEF’s General Terms and Conditions for individual contracts.


The risks of not filling this position are as follows:
a) The Disability inclusive work will suffer as we have no internal capacity to handle this assignment.
b) The UN Strategy for Disability in the region is most likely not to be met.
c) There will be no supply support to the Programme Disability Inclusive work.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should apply online using the button below.  As part of their application, candidates should provide:


  1. A cover letter that specifies how you meet the desired competencies, technical background and experience (no more than 2 pages)
  2. A short CV (no more than 4 pages)
  3. A fee structure that should include: daily/monthly rate in USD and total fee

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization.






Success! You're on the list.

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