Melvins Teas – Motorbike Representative.

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Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we focused obsessively on building a world class company with several strong Melvin’s brands. We flavor our teas with only 100% natural ingredients. The result – A range of teas that were flavorful, fun and refreshing.

Over the years as our reputation grew, and our reach spread, it became equally obvious that people throughout the country shared this desire for a cup of tea that was much more than simply refreshment, but an enjoyable, memorable and a satisfying experience, leading to the launch of our very own first Tea House – Melvins TeaHouse in the upmarket Lavington Mall.

Today, Melvins Teas serves millions of cups a year. The product base has expanded to include lines; not only flavored teas but herbal and fruit infusions including green, orthodox and purple tea.

Motorbike Representative

Apply by 14 October 2021

Job description

  1. Enforce the trade strategy standards in their assigned sales areas by working closely with the outlet representatives in order to drive sales
  2. Visiting secondary outlets in the assigned region according to set frequency and meeting the stipulated coverage and strike rate to achieve set sales target
  3. Observing the proper use of sales tools, systems and processes to capture, record and track sales in order to facilitate proper data storage and insights gathering.
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction by provision of superior Sales service
  5. Assess customer needs and provide information and assistance on product service and features
  6. Drive sales with product knowledge and market-driven enthusiasm
  7. Ensure presentable and in-stock condition at the wholesale outlet in order to enhance sales
  8. Provide cross-sell merchandise and service in order to enhance sales volumes
  9. Establish trust relationship with customers in order to maintain and retain them
  10. Attend and participate in sales meetings in order to understand the market and customer needs and have them addressed
  11. Ensure proper customer service for their satisfaction and retention
  12. Recruit customers actively and refer them to wholesale outlets in order to enhance sales volumes.

Key Performance Indicators (at least 5)


  • 2-3 years


  • Nairobi
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Observation
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Flexibility.

How To Apply





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