Conservation International (CI) – REDD + Strategy Director.

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Scaling up REDD+ is essential to CI’s climate strategy, which is focused on accelerating natural climate solutions (NCS). The evolution and growth of the climate finance landscape have opened additional possibilities for deploying private sector finance to NCS via carbon markets. With most of the technical requirements for REDD+ concluded at the UNFCCC level, unlocking the potential of REDD+ now requires consideration of technical, institutional, and regulatory frameworks that will meaningfully scale up REDD+ beyond the project level to the national scale.

The REDD+ Strategy Director is Conservation International’s focal point on REDD+, encompassing thought leadership and overall support to CI on REDD+ in a post-Paris context. The REDD+ Strategy Director will shape CI’s institutional approaches to reduce deforestation through established REDD+ mechanisms, including building and driving a strategy for supporting governments and other actors to design and implement nested REDD+ systems in CI country programs.

Two areas will require particular focus, experience, and expertise from the REDD+ Strategy Director: the transition to nested and jurisdictional REDD+, and advancing high-quality NCS outcomes. The Director will explore the means to accelerate nesting pathways for REDD+, produce recommendations for more effectively allocating existing and committed REDD+ financial resources, review and prepare institutional positions on REDD+ standards, provide expert guidance on REDD+ standard selection for different contexts and how to meet that standard, identify options for leveraging opportunities with the private sector, and guide the development of new models or mechanisms aimed at addressing the ‘+’ in REDD+. They will also provide strategic input into how to achieve high-quality outcomes that maximize the climate benefits of REDD+ programs in addition to non-carbon benefits.

The Director will play a key role in driving a coherent REDD+ implementation strategy for CI and partners. Based in CI’s Center for Natural Climate Solutions, the Director will work closely with staff across divisions and country programs. 

The Director will have the ability to guide CI’s REDD+ strategy at a critical time in global efforts to address climate change, a time in which CI has substantial opportunities to engage governments, communities, and the private sector to implement REDD+ at scale. The successful candidate will require strong expertise and experience in the application of REDD+ standards, jurisdictional approaches, and benefit-sharing, and a relentless focus on turning this experience into results.



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and 7 or more years of general work experience with 5 years of experience working on REDD+.
  • Demonstrate skill in conceiving, leading, and communicating strategic approaches, innovative analyses, and high-quality synthesis documents
  • Fluency in REDD+ standards and demonstrated experience in their application, including VCS and CCB, including jurisdictional approaches such as JNR and ART TREES.
  • Thorough knowledge of forest conservation, carbon accounting, REDD+ nesting approaches, and national and international REDD+ policy frameworks, including Forest Reference Emission Levels.
  • Strong multi-disciplinary skills in economics, finance, community engagement, and policy with strong knowledge of REDD+. 


  • Master’s degree
  • Field experience in implementing REDD+ or supporting national REDD+ readiness efforts.
  • Experience communicating about REDD+ and other forest carbon finance mechanisms to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Experience working with government partners.
  • Knowledge of ongoing REDD+ policy discussions at the national and international levels.
  • Language skills (Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Bahasa) are desirable.
  • Experience working in multicultural settings.
  • Ability to work with diverse stakeholders.
  • Strong presentation skills, and media experience.



Strategy development

  • Provide analysis and recommendations on implementing jurisdictional REDD+ and nested projects, as well as the contributions of REDD+ to sustainable development priorities at the country level.
  • Develop recommendations for the prioritization of activities to embed and scale-up REDD+ within CI’s climate strategy; convene internal dialogues and consultations.
  • Lead an internal REDD+ working group to develop institutional positioning on key issues and build processes to effectively implement CI’s climate strategy.

Technical analysis and thought leadership 

  • Oversee key internal and external position papers on issues including, but not limited to, high-quality carbon outcomes, recommendations on the use of REDD+ standards, and REDD+ nesting vis-à-vis centralized and decentralized approaches. 
  • Manage the internal and external process of gathering and providing CI’s feedback on key public consultations on issues including, but not limited to, proposed changes to existing REDD+ standards’ rules and requirements, and the introduction of new standards or methodological approaches to REDD+.
  • Advance CI’s approach to more meaningfully include and identify options for driving the ‘+’ in REDD+ (conservation, sustainable management, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks) 
  • Serve as the key focal point for developing CI’s strategic communications on REDD+ internally and externally.

REDD+ strategy implementation

  • Communicate and build capacity broadly within CI to enhance understanding of REDD+ and nesting, the role of REDD+ standards (i.e. FCPF, JNR, REDD+SES, ART TREES), and how to implement them. 
  • Work with the policy and climate strategy teams to identify and pursue opportunities for international cooperation, strategic engagement, and advancing policy that enables the increased flow of finance and implementation of REDD+.
  • Provide technical expertise at intergovernmental meetings 
  • Work with CI country programs to advance nesting, driving the development of jurisdictional-scale supply for markets identified as priorities for CI. 
  • Support pipeline development for CI REDD+ projects and jurisdictional programs by serving as ttechnical advisor to project development teams in selecting appropriate standards, structuring benefits sharing, and maximizing the ‘+’ in REDD+.

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