FSD Africa – FSD Network Gender Manager.

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We work to reduce poverty by strengthening Africa’s financial markets.

The FSD Network is a family of nine Financial Sector Deepening, or FSD, programmes operating across Africa.  FSDs work alongside governments, business leaders, non-profit organizations, research institutions, regulators, and policymakers to develop more inclusive financial systems.  We believe that financial systems have the potential to play a major role in enabling inclusive growth and ensuring access to basic services while assuring a sustainable future. Guided by the imperatives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the FSD Network seeks to mould sustainable financial systems in a way which works better for the poor across Africa. 

We are deeply committed to equity between men and women and supporting the vulnerable and marginalised. The FSD Network’s Gender Collaborative Programme (“CoPro”), which is currently co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the FSD Network, leads the Network’s collective programming to leverage inclusive finance to advance women’s economic empowerment.  Currently, countries in which FSDs are located cover 68% of the female population of sub-Saharan Africa.   These markets reach 202 million women over 15 years old. The CoPro aims to support the Network to reach an additional 10 million women across Africa to be included and active in inclusive financial systems that enable increased agency over their financial resources.

As well as being a member and beneficiary of the Gender CoPro alongside the eight other FSDs, FSD Africa has fiduciary responsibility for the CoPro’s funding and contracts the CoPro team. Established in 2012 and supported by UK aid, FSD Africa is a specialist development agency working to build and strengthen financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa. It works to reduce poverty through a market systems development approach, addressing the structural, underlying causes of poverty by improving how financial market systems function. 

The Opportunity

FSD Africa is seeking applications for the position of FSD Network Gender Manager:


FSD Network Gender Manager


FSD Network Gender Collaborative Programme (CoPro)


Reports directly to

FSD Network Gender Lead

Reports indirectly to

FSD Network Gender SteerCo

Direct reports

Consultants engaged on projects

Indirect reports

FSD members engaged on funded projects

Note: This position will serve the regional network of FSDs.  However, for administration processes, the role will sit within one of the Network member organizations, FSD Africa.

About the Job

The Network Gender Manager will support the Network’s bold initiative to transform their approach to gender in their markets and make significant strides towards leveraging finance for women’s economic empowerment.  The Gender Manager will bring energy and vision to this work, supporting network members to deeply understand gender issues, and will be responsible for a portfolio of impactful projects and research initiatives.  S/he will bring technical insight and practical experience in women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion; with the capacity to provide technical advisory services to the Network.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Analyse & Strategize

Drive and support research and analysis to inform the CoPro’s strategy and to better understand women’s participation in financial systems.

  1. Intervene

Coordinate the development and roll-out of a portfolio of interventions so that results are achieved, risks are managed, and quality outputs are delivered; aiming to achieve a meaningful impact on women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

  1. Learn & Integrate

Ensure that ongoing learning from projects is fully utilised to maximise impact and innovation; support the mainstreaming of effective strategies across the network.

  1. Advocate & Communicate for Influence

Drive women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment through effective influencing, advocacy, and communication strategies.

  1. Manage Risks & Resources

Support the good management of the Gender CoPro by ensuring value-for-money procurements, timely development of quality reports, and budget compliance.

Role Requirements

Qualifications and Education

  • A quality bachelor’s degree from a recognised learning institution
  • Relevant further degree or professional qualifications are an advantage
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

Essential Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • At least seven years of working experience In Africa in an economic empowerment context; with a strong focus on inclusive finance for women and/or other marginalised groups
  • Ability to meaningfully analyse gender-related issues so as to develop practical approaches / strategies for enhancing women’s participation, empowerment and capability
  • Good knowledge and understanding of inclusive finance and financial sector development, and of the market systems approach
  • Demonstrated track record of acting in an advisory capacity (could include consultancy) with the knowledge, gravitas and practical experience to enable others to mainstream gender in their work
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, leading to an ability to influence and persuade others; ability to liaise convincingly at a Senior Management level
  • Extensively networked with regional &/or pan African communities of practice in the gender and inclusive finance space
  • Demonstrated track record of rigorous project conceptualisation and management skills and achievement of results
  • Experience of managing budgets, managing risk and ensuring value for money
  • Ability to apply research techniques, interpret and evaluate results and present them succinctly and clearly; experience in designing/conducting/managing research on gender-related issues


  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment &/or across multiple countries

Personal Characteristics

Commitment & Drive for Results

You have values and personal ambitions that are aligned with FSD Africa’s goal to reduce poverty by strengthening Africa’s financial markets. We’re looking for someone with a desire to make a personal contribution towards women’s economic empowerment through inclusive financial systems.  This passion will be exemplified by a track record of delivering high-quality, timely and cost-effective results.

Proactivity & Innovation

You have a strong sense of personal ownership that leads to self-starting, taking initiative, and driving change. We’re looking for someone who is action-orientated and dynamic: tackling challenging situations with a ‘can do’ attitude, coming up with innovative ways of solving stubborn problems.  You will have a track record of quickly recognising value-adding innovation and driving real-world change.

Effective Resource Management

The Gender CoPro has been entrusted with significant donor funding and we are looking someone who has an innate concern to achieve Value for Money; wanting to see the maximum beneficial outcome as a result of any investment and feeling uncomfortable with waste and inefficiency.  You must have a track record of absolute integrity in the management of financial resources.

Relationship Building

You initiate and maintain positive relationships with others – discerning and appreciating the values, concerns, or feelings of others – and you can draw others in to build an effective team.  We’re looking for someone with sophisticated interpersonal skills and an ability to observe and listen to others at a deep level; perhaps by reading body language or thinking deeply about the implications of what someone else has said. You will have a track record of eliciting the contributions of others, including those with divergent opinions, and accommodating the perspectives of others in planning and decision-making.

Communication & Influencing

You deliberately adjust your behaviour in order to address the feelings, needs, or concerns of others; communicating clearly, confidently and appropriately to influence others. We’re looking for someone with the motivation and ability to influence others effectively – not by manipulating or dominating people, but by winning their genuine commitment. You will have a track record of driving change through collaboration and can demonstrate the self-discipline to choose effective strategies when interacting with others.

Thinking & Problem Analysis

You think clearly and intentionally in order to understand issues, solve problems, and make good choices; with an ability to think conceptually and strategically in order to manage complexity.  You will be interested in hypothesizing and testing innovative theories of change and a good ability to conceptualise a framework for implementation and impact.

Learning & Resourcefulness

You possess the personal resourcefulness to deal with difficult situations effectively and continually improve skills and knowledge.  We’re looking for someone who can manage their emotions well, remaining effective, open, and engaged, despite experiencing an internal emotional reaction. In particular, being able to face a challenging problem, or tough feedback, with a desire to learn, grow and improve; quickly adapting and applying new learning into the workplace.  You will have a track record of empowering others by sharing information, resources, advice, and encouragement; you can demonstrate how you have built the capacity of others (perhaps through training, coaching or advisory services).


To apply for the role, your application must be received by 5.00pm EAT on 25 January 2022. 




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