Universities Fund – Senior Supply Chain Management Officer.

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Minimum Qualifications: Bachelors Degree

Job Term: Permanent

Position Level: UF 5

Remuneration: Min Ksh 87,324- Max Ksh. 105,840

Number of positions: 1

Qualifications, Skills and Experience Required:

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: – Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Purchasing and Supplies Management. Supply Chain Management; Procurement and Contract Management; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Procurement and Logistics Management or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.

Professional Qualifications / Membership to professional bodies

  1. CIPS Professional Qualification or its equivalent Professional Qualification in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  2. Membership to KISM or CIPS
  3. Holding a valid Supplies practitioners license
  4. Supervisory course not lasting less than two (2) weeks

Functional Skills:

  1. a)     Proficiency in ICT
  2. b)     Report writing skills
  3. c)      Analytical skills
  4. d)     Project implementation
  5. e)     Negotiation
  6. f)       Ability to interpret procurement laws
  7. g)     Communication
  8. h)     Conflict resolution
  9. i)       Budgeting
  10. j)       Procurement plan Consolidation skills
  11. k)     Analytical skills

Behavioral Competencies/ Attributes:

  1. a)      Decision making skills
  2. b)      Integrity
  3. c)      Confidentiality
  4. a)     Attention to detail
  5. b)     Team player
  6. c)      Ability to work under pressure
  7. d)     communication skills


The job holder is responsible for ensuring that the institution obtains value for money through procurement of goods, works and services at the right time, right quality, right price, and right quantity and competitively manages procurement, inspection and acceptance and asset disposal activities in accordance with PPADA 2015 and Regulations 2020.

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring a) operationalization and implementation of all procurement laws, regulations and guidelines applicable in the tendering process as per Public Procurement & Disposal Act 2015 (PPDA 2015) and regulations 2020;
  2. Interpreting and advising on procurement policies and ensuring that sound procurement processes are applied in all procurement transactions of the institution;
  3. Managing evaluation of tender documents and presentation of the evaluation reports to Principal Supply Chain Management Officer for further processing;
  4. Be accountable for the effectiveness of contract management data management and control systems.
  5. Development of procurement requirements with internal stakeholder from initial need identification to final goods or service delivery to meet stakeholder needs;
  6. Preparation of draft profession opinions and presentation to the Manager Procurement & Logistics for review and further action;
  7. Extracting maximum value from the contract governance arrangements through performance management of the supplier.
  8. Preparation of the Board of Trustees report on procurement plan implementation and submission to the Principal Supply Chain Management Officer for review and further action;
  9. Preparation of statutory reports to facilitate submission to the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), EACC Ministry of Trade and Treasury within prescribed timelines;
  10. Coordinating the development of performance measures for the evaluation of performance of procurement staff against the Boards strategic plan.
  11. Participating in the procurement negotiations as prescribed in the PPADA 2015.
  12. Managing procurement petty cash of Kshs.50,000

Operational Responsibilities / Tasks

  1. Reviewing of vendor contracts documents and coordinating in preparation of specifications for quotations, tenders, proposals and supply agreements for approval by the Principal Supply Chain Management Officer;
  2. Carrying out market surveys and maintenance of catalogs of prevailing market prices to inform placement of orders or adjudication by Accounting Officer
  3. Consolidation of institutional procurement plan of over Kshs.100 Million;
  4. Preparation of departmental and consolidated procurement of over Kshs.15 Million and disposal plans as prescribed in PPADA 2015 and Regulations 2020;
  5. Ensuring confidentiality is maintained with respect to procurement process to ensure integrity of the respondents bid information
  6. Registering, updating and maintaining of supplier data base.
  7. Evaluating supplier’s performance to establish quality and reliable suppliers that meet the Boards quality standards and delivery schedules.
  8. Communicating with all department and end users on quality specifications of goods, works and services consumed by the Board
  9. Distributing of procurement and disposal opportunities to the disadvantaged groups registered with Access to Government Procurement Opportunities to achieve the required 30% of the procurement plan;
  10. Coordinating receipting and opening of tender documents;
  11. Coordinating the safe guarding of procurement and disposal documents and records as per outlined legal provisions
  12. Issuing of LPO’s to suppliers and contracts;
  13. Coordinating preparation and distribution of notices of award and tender acceptances;
  14. Creating Local purchase Orders for awarded procurements
  15. Providing information as may be required for any petition or investigation to debar a tenderer or contractor or any investigation under review procedure.
  16. Coordinating inspection and acceptance of received goods, works and services.
  17. Coordinating the processing of supplier payments
  18. Coordinating the preparation and submission of requisite mandatory reports to Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), EACC, Ministry of Trade and the Treasury;
  19. Coordinating the operationalization and implementation of all procurement laws, regulations and guidelines applicable in the tendering process
  20. Implementing risk control initiatives and coming up with mitigation measures to ensure that the department operates within its risk appetite levels.
    1. Developing procurement budgets of over Kshs.15 Million
    2. Consolidating procurement plan of over Kshs.100 Million
    3. Preparing supplier payments as per LPO’s and contracts
    4. Maintaining Procurement petty cash of Kshs. 50,000
    Responsibility for physical assets around the area of work:
    1. Responsible for physical assets assigned by the institution of over Kshs.5 Million;
    2. Initiating   additional fixed assets in the fixed asset registers.
    3. Participating in disposal of obsolete fixed asset.
    4. Procuring of new fixed assets
    1. Detailed written /email instructions or requests from departments, suppliers etc;
    2. Procurement reports affecting the institution 
    3. Negotiation with suppliers over price, contracts, or services
    4. Drawing up and amending contracts/drafting of legal documents
    5. Detailed verbal or written instructions or requests to employees of the institution or contractors

      Decision Making/ Job Influence:

      1. Makes strategic decisions that influence the procurements with short and long terms effects;
      2. Makes operational decisions that direct day to day operations of the department 
      3. Establishes and manages linkages, collaborations and interactions with various stakeholders on matters supply chain;
      4. Sets the strategic direction of the Supply chain 
      5. Allocation of work to staff;
      6. The individual holder will regularly negotiate and persuade with external stakeholders


Deadline: April 29, 2022




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