Plan International Kenya – Senior Coordinator- Business Development – Private Sector.

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Plan International Kenya Strategy statement

PlK’s strategic goal in the next five years is to end teenage pregnancies and end all forms of sexual and gender-based violence against adolescent girls and young women. We aim to help create an enabling environment where girls and young women are safe, valued, equally cared for, and have equal opportunities. PIK will contribute to the global strategy by aiming to reach directly approximately 2.75 million (children, including girls and Young Women over the period of the strategy 2022-2026 and to reach additional beneficiaries through its interventions.

Plan Kenya’s redefined strategy represents a strategic shift in focus. The Department leads the operationalization of the new program strategy and its focus on gender equality and the empowerment of girls and youth as agents of change. 

Working under the overall direction of the Head of Business Development  (HoBD), the Senior Coordinator – Business Development (BD) will play a critical substantive and technical role in the development and realization of an ambitious business development country strategy, driving the component of the expansion of PIK, through mission-driven engagement with in-country and international private sector fundraising streams that includes Corporates, Corporate and Philanthropic Foundations and Major Donors.  The role will support the HoBD and the entire BD Team in the roll-out and implementation of the Local Fundraising Strategy (private sector engagement, corporate foundations, philanthropic foundations, individual giving) aimed at diversifying PIK funding income attaining at least 10% and 35% of overall funding income by FY 22 and FY26 respectively.

Under the direction of the HoBD, the incumbent will support the continuous mapping, ethical screening and due diligence processes towards entry creation, relationship building and engagement with priority private sector companies, philanthropies high net worth individuals and major donors. It will entail the identification of new business development opportunities with the private sector directly and indirectly through PII NOs (under the Global Account Management – GAM platform and identify new funding opportunities and ensure appropriate tracking of such bids in line with Plan Kenya systems and standards and oversight for business development end to end business processes for bids as assigned. 

The position requires the incumbent to undertake a wide range of assignments that compete for time and resources, think strategically and drive innovations as needed. The role involves a high degree of problem-solving for project contexts and works with project teams to design to deliver results. The position requires an individual with the capability to work with a diverse range of individuals of different cultural contexts. The post holder will demonstrate the ability to problem-solve, and thinking strategically while introducing innovations as needed to meet the demands of a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable operating environment.

Management scope, reporting lines, key relationships

Reports to: Head of Business Development (HoBD)

Direct reports – None

Key relationships:


     Excellent working relationships will need to be built with the:

  • Country Management team,
  • Program teams, Grants team,
  • Operations Teams,
  • Field Area Hubs, Programme Units and other relevant units within Plan International Kenya,
  • Plan International National Organisation counterparts within the federation, and with
  • The Country Director for appropriate high-level client engagement.
  • RH Technical Programme Specialists
  • Other COs Business Development Teams
  • National Offices (NOs) Business Development Contacts


  • Civil society organizations
  • Donors and foreign missions
  • Private Sector partners

Level of contact with children

Low level: Little to no interaction with children

Physical Environment

  • Based in a typical office environment whilst in the Country Office.
  • Where required, periodic travel (30%) to various program offices and project sites.

Accountabilities and Main Work Activities

Local Fundraising Strategy Finalization and Market Mapping (20%)

  • Under the guidance of the HoBD, update and lead the phased roll out of the Local Fundraising Strategy with a priority focus on Corporates and Corporate Foundations.    
  • Conduct and continuously update scoping, assessment and mapping of private sector companies, corporates and philanthropic foundations for purposes of relationship building
  • Conduct private sector ethical screening and due diligence assessment guided by PII Corporate Engagement Ethical Guidelines
  • Conduct Service/programme/strategic/collaborative level relationship building and engagement with select private sector companies and corporate foundations and create affinity aimed at securing grants funding
  • Organize and spearhead business development and capture engagements with private sector around CSR/I; PPPs/PPDPs; Consortium-led programme design, ideation & co-creation; and joint sponsorships and matched funding.

Strategic Engagement and Prepositioning with in-country Private Sector Companies, Corporate & Philanthropic Foundations for purposes of Resource Mobilisation (20%)

  • Support Head of BD to develop, in collaboration with the Strategy and Innovation team business cases and funding propositions to the private sector
  • Support the BD team in reaching out to a priority list of selected private sector companies for relationship building and BD pursuits and target to have engagement MoUs with at least 3 for FY23
  • Support HoBD and the team in strategic partnerships engagement in collaboration with Strategy and Innovation team targeted at prepositioning PIK as a GO-TO Agency for the Private Sector in Girl child and youth focused programming (Child Protection, Health -SRHR, Resilience and Youth Employability & Entrepreneurship)  

Coordinate and technically backstop the development of private sector fundable products (proposals, business cases, concept notes and expression of interests) (15%)

  • Prepare and develop concept notes and other proposal write ups including proposals;
  • Monitor, document and highlight new business development to ensure that Plan Kenya is abreast of new opportunities in line with Plan Kenya’s strategic focus;
  • Support the effective tracking of opportunities on Plan Kenya corporate business development pipeline tracking tool on Plan’s Grant Management Tracking portal whilst ensuring accurate information on databases

Strategic engagement and stewardship of Priority NO Private Sector relationships with PIK (10%)

  • Support and work with PIK teams in managing potential and current corporates, foundations and major donors with all mapped NOs towards building and revamping funding pipeline diversification
  • Support and deepen current Private Sector Donor Accounts and Engagements for scalability and expansion through UKNO, USNO, JNO, KNO, DNO, NLNO among others 
  • Create and sustain relationships building and engagement all mapped NOs for entry into their markets for Mission-Driven Private Sector Engagement supported by Products, Business Cases, Ideation and Co-creation mechanisms
  • Map out and cascade Private Sector Engagement aligned with NOs GAM processes tapping into the market of multinational corporations

Representation, Partnerships Engagement and Networking (10%)

  • Build a network of professional business contacts within Plan’s industry including negotiating partnership teaming arrangements, related budgets and other institutional arrangements with partners;
  • As delegated and under the direction of the Head of Business Development, represent Plan Kenya to donors and partners in line with the an agreed-upon Country office response plan;
  • Attend forums and meetings (virtual or in-person) with/or on behalf of the HoBD to represent Plan that will advance its interests to improve its resource base;
  • Support to mobilize and setup network meetings between Plan Kenya, its partners, donors and other interested parties.

Operationalize the Individual Giving and High Net Worth Individuals component of the Local Fundraising Strategy (10%)

  • Conduct Market assessment of the individual giving landscape and identify innovative entry points and best practices for adoption.  
  • With the support of a Consultant and in consultation with the Finance and Operations team as relevant set up the operating model and infrastructure for individual giving and high net worth individuals (digital fundraising platform account opening- etc)
  • In collaboration with other SCBDs, develop or customize and roll out a Customer Relationship Management system for tracking donor engagements.
  • Collaborate with the Marketing and Communications team to develop bespoke products and IEC materials (both paper and digital

Contribute to and support a high performing team and ensure all relevant departments have the necessary knowledge and skills to acquire and implement sustainable grant fundraising & funding (5%)

  • Participate in regular team meetings and contribute to the overall smooth operation of the department.
  • Support in the delivery of training activities for staff on Business Development and mentor staff in proposal development as needed

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI) (5%)

  • Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GEI policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), ensuring that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  • Leads the orientation of programme staff to ensure that they are properly inducted on and understand their role in upholding Plan International’s safeguarding and GEI policies.
  • Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in project design, during implementation and as principles applied in the day-to-day work of Programme team.
  • Ensures that Plan Kenya contributes to Plan International’s global efforts to ensure safeguarding and GEI, including making sure that relevant reporting and data are submitted. 

Other duties (5%)

  • Any other assignment within the scope of work.

Leadership Competencies


  • Courageous in taking a lead, focused on Plan International Kenya’s purpose and making the most effective contribution within own work context.
  • Behaves in line with our values and safeguarding practices, inside and outside work
  • Challenges own attitudes, unconscious bias and behavior and speak up when they see wrongdoing, especially by those who use their power over others to create fear or abuse
  • Understand and adhere to the policies, processes, practices and standards relevant to their own work and keeps their knowledge and skills up to date.
  • Honest and efficient in use of resources, including own time.
  • Takes responsibility for own performance and development: reflecting; seeking and listening to feedback; learning from mistakes; finding people or resources to help them learn.
  • Constructive and optimistic in facing setbacks, challenges and change, using own initiative to analyze issues and improve things.
  • Good team player, communicating effectively and being open and supportive towards those around them.

Leading Others

  • Setting and communicating ambitious but realistic work goals and priorities, explaining how these contribute to Plan International Kenya’s purpose.
  • Setting high standards for self and others’ behaviour, inside and outside work. Championing our values and commitment to rights, gender equality and safeguarding. Supporting the health, well-being and both physical and psychological safety of our staff, including their safety to speak out.
  • Holding self and others to account for what we have agreed, dealing with poor performance quickly, firmly and constructively
  • Creating a positive team spirit, helping people work well together, to reflect and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of what we do.
  • Collaborating with team members, colleagues and partners in finding creative solutions to problems by sharing information, experience and ideas and actively seeking their input.
  • Motivating and developing others by taking an interest, giving constructive feedback and praise, ensuring they are properly trained and helping them develop their potential.
  • Positive about change and supporting others in adjusting to it, helping them understand.

   Business Management Competencies

  • Manages administrative, financial, operational and reputational risk including risk assessment, communication, risk management and reporting in full compliance with risk-related standards, including in areas such as Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection, Gender equality and inclusion, Counter Fraud, Safety and Security, and Ethical Corporate Engagement
  • Understands relevant functional and sectoral context including how the sector operates in terms of funding and governance and awareness of Plan’s purpose, values, global and country strategy
  • Managing activities and resources including skills in strategic thinking, planning and organizing, financial planning and monitoring, negotiation and programme and project management
  • Managing people and information including skills in assessment and coaching, evidence-based management, communication skills, both speaking and writing and digital working, including personal digital skills
  • Managing resources and delivery: -Knows the resources required for the role. Manages own workload, avoiding under or overcommitting to delivery activities; -Works according to a budget and uses the relevant financial systems.; -Works according to principles of data protection; -Understands how information is used for reporting and decisions making; – Seeks to continually improve personal working practices
  • Programme and project management: -Aware of the programmes that Plan International delivers directly and through partner organizations. -Aware of the programme and project management procedures relevant to their role.; -Complies with financial procedures and controls relevant to their role; -Seeks opportunities to reflect on and learn from all work
  • Digital working: Identifies ways to use digital to improve the effectiveness of work activities. Understands how digital enablers can contribute to achieving Plan International’s purpose.  Utilizes the digital tools available in line with privacy and safeguarding guidelines
  • Evidence-based management: Understands the importance of high-quality data and the implications of poor data.  Understands what data Plan International needs to inform decision-making. Interprets a range of sources to inform evidence-based decisions relevant to their role

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge

Qualifications/ experience essential: 

  • Bachelor’s degree equivalent practical experience, in interdisciplinary areas within human rights, international development, and program leadership;
  • 5 years of demonstrable and relevant experience in managing Private Sector Engagement and Resource Mobilisation
  • Proven experience in Private Sector Product Development for fundraising, Membership, Relationship Building, CSR/I Engagement, and Campaign fundraising with Private Sector and major donors
  • Proven Experience in leading Public-Private Partnerships with Private Sector through Co-Creation, Innovation and Take-to-Market Prospecting including business cases, concepts and proposals
  • Understanding of multiple bilateral and multilateral donor funding frameworks, policies and funding solicitation processes, is a big added advantage.
  • Good understanding of private sector engagement journey, relationship management, account management and upgrades.
  • Proven ability to develop, drive and support end to end business development processes;
  • Knowledge of development challenges and contexts in Kenya, in particular in child rights, girl’s rights, and child protection;

Qualifications/ experience desirable:

  • Proven results-based client/donor relationship management;
  • Good understanding of the principle of, ‘what’s in it for me” in providing solutions to private sector CSR/I funding challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Good understanding of gender equality programs and meaningful child participation;
  • Demonstrated experience working collaboratively and supportively without the need for close supervision;
  • Proficient computer skills and use of relevant desktop applications and internal systems.
  • Master’s Degree

 Languages required

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.



  • Understands the nature, approaches and roles and responsibilities of actors, institutions and key movements relevant to our work and the interests of our Primary Impact Groups.
  • Shapes work programmes with relevant leaders and stakeholders, aligned with relevant strategies, and balancing global and local priorities with opportunities.
  • Designs appropriate indicators and sets of measures of sustainability and success to generate reliable evidence on the results and lasting impact of our work
  • Uses ongoing project monitoring and assessment, working closely with project teams to improve the quality of implementation and adapt project design.
  • Understands the processes, institutions, and organizations that shape the development and humanitarian context and standards in the relevant geography.
  • Shares knowledge and learning from both theory and practice by facilitating and contributing to internal and external networks and communities of practice.
  • Supports partnering and resource mobilisation by developing mutually beneficial partnership relationships and making a significant contribution to writing proposals relevant to own field(s)/specialism(s) of work. 
  • Assesses effectiveness to improve evidence and quality by designing appropriate measures and assessment methods, using on-going monitoring and assessment to improve project design and implementation, initiating research and conducting evaluation, assessing the results and sharing learning. 
  • Builds capability in own field(s)/specialism(s) of work by coaching colleagues and partners, sharing knowledge in networks and communities of practice, leading technical learning and development activities and embedding stakeholder capability building into programme and project design. 
  • Adapts work to context: Focuses work appropriately to its geographical scope; rapidly assesses and responds to the relevant context and changes in the fragility of settings.

Skills Specific to the Post

  • Partnership building and ability to build and sustain interpersonal and professional relationships with an internal colleagues, donor contacts and peer organizations
  • Analytical and conceptual skills
  • Results orientated
  • Good coordination skills and ability to multi-task with ease, adapting to frequently changing priorities;
  • Good negotiation and conflict resolution skills;
  • Good understanding of budgeting as part of bid development;
  • Working knowledge and understanding of donor priorities and regulations
  • Good working experience in one of Plan International’s thematic areas or a support function


  • Supports learning in diverse teams
  • Acts with high degree of integrity and professionalism
  • Relates to people in a friendly, open manner and engenders trust from other staff
  • Holds self and others to account to deliver on agreed goals and standards of behaviour
  • Remains calm and positive under pressure and in difficult situations
  • Promotes innovation and learning
  • Ability to act as part of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to work with others
  • The ability to travel within Kenya and on occasion out of the country a may be required
  • Promotes equality, including gender equality, inclusion, and empowerment of young women in Plan’s work and in its work with partners;
  • Apply participatory influencing methodologies both internally and externally
  • The ability to build collaborative working relationships;
  • Uses creativity to challenge the norm and promote innovation and thinks and acts for the wider organization – linking partnership opportunities with the context of the wider organizational strategy;
  • Builds capability through knowledge sharing, networking, mentoring, coaching and advocates the importance of knowledge management.





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