APA Insurance – Assistant Business Developer.

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  • This position is responsible for debiting and crediting finances and implementing reconciliation recommendations on the system. This involves preparing daily reports on mail status.


  • Company:APA Insurance
  • Location: Mombasa
  • Employment Type:Permanent
  • Job Id:6yWfNK8wvt
  • Date added:10-Jun-2022
  • Deadline:20-Jun-2022


  • Raising debit and credit notes as assigned;
  • Developing timely motor certificate / cover notes declarations for all concerned intermediaries;
  • Establish efficient renewal process to achieve the set turnaround time for preparation and issuance of renewal notices for delivery of the desired retention rate
  • Prepare Quotations.
  • Assess, manage and rate all risks to ensure acceptance and retention of quality business.
  • Continuously review the performance of assigned accounts and make necessary recommendations in liaison with the supervisor.
  • Reconciling service provider statements and confirming the status to finance for payments;
  • Establish proper documentation of risks and timely issuance of certificates, debits, policy documents, and endorsements
  • Preparing the document status report;
  • Deliver on Service Level Agreements.
  • Communicate effectively to relevant parties on confirmation of policy documentation receipt, endorsements, etc.
  • Participating in company CSR and brand-building activities in liaison with other departments.
  • Issuing and revising quotes to intermediaries within recommended guidelines and follow-up to ensure business closure
  • Reconciliation of client accounts to reflect the business booked status on monthly basis.
  • Preparation and issuance of Renewal notice sixty days before renewal date
  • Appoint property & vehicle valuers where necessary


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or an equivalent


  •  Team Player
  • Negotiation Skills 
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills 


  • ACII/AIIK or any relevant professional qualification


  • Entry level 

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