Safal Group – Coater Operator (Mariakani).

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Main purpose of the position: 

Operate the Color Coating Line Coater section in accordance to company standards and procedures.

a. Routine/Direct: Executing Coater room operations

b. Functional/Indirect: Working as a team with other Color Coating Line operators to achieve the required coils quality.

Key responsibilities:

  • Inspect pick-up and applicator rolls to avoid production of painted coils with defects originating from coater rooms.
  • Inspect incoming coils to avoid damages on applicator rolls.
  • Clean chemical and paint coaters.
  • Identify the correct paint according to operation requirements or as requested by line supervisor.
  • Check paint properties and liaise with Quality Inspectors for correction if necessary.
  • Ensure timely readiness of the chemical and paint solution after stoppages and during program changes.
  • Ensuring there is sufficient paint in the tray and that paint is recirculating as required.
  • Remove empty paint drums from the coater rooms and disposal of used cotton rags and thinner in accordance to disposal procedure.
  • Preparation of chemical & paint coater.
  • Ensure paint application in accordance with operation parameters with the right WFT, DFT.
  • Liaise with the Quality Inspector for results and roll adjustment.
  • Inspect coating progress and correct defects.
  • Operate the control desk at the coater room according to the procedure.
  • Feed the process parameters into the SCADA as required.
  • Report all faults as pertaining to Coaters section or any other section of the line.
  • Ensure the material is pre-treated using the recommended procedure before paint is applied.
  • Maintain high standards of housekeeping at coaters section.
  • Fill in the operation parameters as specified in the coater room logbook.
  • Participate in strip breakage recovery.
  • Participate in line start-up and shut-down activities.
  • Train on Entry and Exit sections as may be required for multi-skilling.
  • Conduct additional activities as may be assigned by CCL Production Supervisor.
  • Adhere to health and safety guidelines, safe work practice and good housekeeping (Wear provided PPEs at all times).
  • Have a keen observation to CO2 fire suppression system and respond as per emergency plan put in place.

Qualifications required:

  • Minimum academic qualification: Minimum Form 4 Level
  • Qualifications as an added advantage: Craft Certificate in mechanical, electrical or paint process exposure
  • General work experience (years): Min: 6 months in a manufacturing industry

Key competencies and skills:

  • No medical conditions e.g. not allergic to paints
  • Safety conscious.
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Team player.
  • Flexible and willing to work as instructed.
  • Able to communicate appropriately.





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