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Lightsmith in collaboration with Village Capital and supported by the Global Environment Facility, Conservation International, and the Inter-American Development Bank seeks to build an ecosystem for small- to medium-sized companies in emerging markets that have technologies, products, and services that can be used to build resilience to the impacts of
climate change (“Adaptation SMEs”).
To support these SMEs, Lightsmith and Village Capital have designed an innovative technical assistance facility, and seek qualified consultants to provide technical support as per the technical requirements set out in the scope of work below.

Program description
Project name ASAP Post program support – Marketing Specialist
Consultant qualifications

● Post graduate qualification in a relevant field from an accredited academic institution
● Minimum 5 years of experience in the agricultural technology or agricultural manufacturing sectors or related sectors
● Demonstrable experience designing marketing campaigns for SMEs in the African continent, with preference to the West and North Africa regions
● Proven track records of working with founders, and entrepreneurs in Africa
● Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English; French and Arabic speakers will have an added advantage
● Familiarity with the geopolitical climate in North and West Africa

5-6 weeks – Anticipated Start date of July 12, 2022
All deliverables to be completed and submitted by August 15,
2022 Proposal Submission deadline July 06, 2022, 11:59 pm – Eastern Time
Submission email james.gicheru@vilcap.com

– Advance a North African agri-tech company’s marketing strategy by developing an implementation roadmap and action plan, and providing implementation support based on the roadmap and action plan. (Company A)
– Design a cost-effective strategy for building awareness of a West African organic fertilizer product offering among farmers and farmer associations sustainably. (Company B)Expected outputs
Output 1
(Company A) July 22, 2022
● Implementation roadmap for the marketing strategy defining key steps towards operationalization of the strategy.
Output 2
(Company A) July 22, 2022
● Design KPIs for the agri-tech company to track key metrics across multiple marketing channels e.g., email, social media, SEO, etc. as per the marketing strategy.
Output 3
(Company A) July 29, 2022
● Develop tracking and analytical tools e.g., Excel dashboards to track KPI performance over time.
● Conduct workshops with the management team to present the KPIs, collect feedback and provide training on the KPIs, and strategy implementation process.
Output 4
(Company A) July 29, 2022
● Support management’s growth plan by onboarding the company to Google Startup’s ecosystem, and recommending actions to drive the utilization of the agri-tech company’s Google startup perks from the current USD 100,000
Output 5
(Company B) July 29, 2022
● Marketing campaign strategy document to raise awareness of the West African organic fertilizer product, and to position the product as an affordable, and effective alternative to chemical fertilizer among farmers, farmer associations, and B2B customers in agriculture.
● Marketing materials such as posters, email templates, videos, and static images.
● Management team workshops to present the strategy document, co-develop potential implementation modalities and train the team
on the use cases for the materials developed, and the marketing processes.
Output 6
(Company B) August 5, 2022
● Long list of 30 farmer associations and contacts in Burkina Faso, and 10 B2B agro companies qualified as the agro manufacturers’ clients.
Output 7
(Company A & B) August 12, 2022
● Post-program report detailing series of actions taken with reference to the scope e.g., workshops conducted, skills training seminars
conducted, developed outputs, and the impact on the companies.

1. Review existing documentation related to marketing and sales strategies for the specified companies. (Company A & B)
2. Conduct desk research to determine the optimum approach to guide implementation efforts of marketing strategies within the North and West African markets. (Company A & B)
3. Conduct consultations with the management team to define ongoing awareness- building efforts, existing strategies, challenges, and obstacles. (Company A & B)
4. Design a cost-effective marketing strategy to guide awareness-building efforts for the West African organic fertilizer company aimed at the existing customer demographic of rural farmers and farmer associations. (Company B)
5. Develop a risk assessment tool to determine potential risk areas for the marketing campaigns, and a mitigation plan to counter the risks. (Company Bl)
6. Develop an implementation roadmap to guide tactical actions for the implementation of marketing strategies. (Company A)
7. Conduct a review of the North African company’s technology tools, identify gaps, and develop a strategy to guide the utilization of the agri-tech company’s Google startup perks e.g., Google Workspace from the current USD 100,000 (Company A)
8. Conduct workshops with the management teams to present findings, provide progress feedback, and collect feedback. (Company A & B) Proposal guidelines
Proposals should outline:
● Plan to complete objectives
● Consultant (or Team) background and skills relevant to project
● Anticipated time allocation and timeline to achieve each output
● Anticipated budget to achieve each output and the overall scope of work
● Anticipated challenges in developing the outputs, and a mitigation plan
Project proposals will be evaluated on the combination of skills to complete the objectives of the statement of work, efficiency of use of funds, and relevant experience to the project.



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