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Main accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Establishing, Planning & Optimizing plant operations and process improvement initiatives and activities; – Leading innovation management efforts, directing initiatives towards value creation opportunities both internally (operations efficiency / productivity driven) and external to our contractors/client
  • Measuring and monitoring effectiveness & efficiency of operational processes and maintenance processes, and advising on areas of improvement both internally and externally;
  • Identifying, planning, Developing, recommending and Executing key maintenance efficiency drivers;- Supports the establishment & optimization of day to day operational activities, including planning, directing and overseeing the maintenance operational policies, rules, Long/short-term strategies/directives, initiatives, programs, maintenance plans, goals, and annual operating budgets for maintenance functions by making decisions that influence people, process and technology and ensure continuous achievement of set goals and objectives.
  • Planning, Developing and executing maintenance procedures and processes to support GMP, GPP and the quality management system; Developing maintenance systems & strategies to enable the Company to grow in process and product with the end goal of Leading and continuously driving a LEAN manufacturing & improvement culture with the vision to exceed customers’ expectations, and to reduce cycle time and quality outcomes within the operations processes;
  • Proactive Quality by design approach to all manufacturing and maintenance process, services, and premises
  • Preventive Systematic avoidance of problems and variability through inspection, maintenance, and controls, at all points in the value chain.
  • Reactive Rapid corrective actions focused on identification and rectification of problems root causes, rapidly mobilizing Cross-functional teams to analyse and resolve problems
  • Train/develop, supervise and coordinate a focused and effective maintenance team to Work Cross functionally with all departments to coordinate, Coach and implement tools to achieve strategic goals and take responsibility for supporting the business needs: Develop protocols and reports to thoroughly document all maintenance activities.
  • Ensure Overall equipment efficiency in terms of all equipment & systems to ensure availability, reliability & efficiency of plant & equipment.
  • Develop cost saving proposals; – conduct maintenance & operational costing and efficiency; Monitor usage of utilities and implement improvement initiatives, daily manage and reduce overall maintenance & production cost by monitoring and tracking related expenses, as well as Implementation of quality requirements and regulatory requirements on maintenance & production activities to eliminate negative impact on quality.
  • Formulate and establish preventive maintenance masterplan for all plant, equipment, utilities and systems,
  • Schedule, coordinate and control all maintenance activities, ensure effective planning and execution
  • Improve on the Maintenance procedures and effectiveness of maintenance activities, and hence maintenance cost; – Establish and ensure standard operating procedures, documentation and work instructions as far as maintenance and related functions are concerned
  • Use of maintenance management software to enhance maintenance functions
  • Reducing Equipment breakdowns and prolong the equipment life span thus improving the overall equipment efficiency and reduce power consumption
  • practice equipment routine checks and monitoring to track related anomalies and Monitoring & controlling process parameters accordingly
  • Progressive effort to reduce or eliminate breakdowns, progressive outlook of maintenance department, employing latest techniques to keep pace with advancement in production/maintenance technology

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor of science in Mechanical, electrical/electronic engineering or mechatronic engineering with a bias in project planning from a reputable institution.
  • Over 5 years of sound continuous and detailed experience in manufacturing as a maintenance/engineering planner.

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