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Overall purpose of the job:

Responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the Brand Marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. To lead and manage the marketing and sales activities of the Brand across all its campuses and locations to position the brand optimally for growth and superior reputation in the market.

Responsible for ensuring that marketing and sales expertise/advice is delivered to the Regional Managing Director and Principals and guidance is given to the School Administrators.


Output 1 – Brand Marketing Strategy:

Develop and implement a brand marketing strategy

Develop and implement a marketing and communications, media and advertising strategy annually, aligned with the brand strategy

Prepare budget plan, annually and monitors and controls expenditure against it

Compile and update the Brand CI Manual and oversees its implementation, as


Participate in on-boarding and/or due diligence for new schools including developing communication strategies for acquisitions

Provide marketing training/education for Principals, Administrators and Enrolment

Officers, as necessary

Output 2 – Brand Sales Strategy:

Develop and implement a sales strategy for the brand 

Set sales targets as agreed with Regional Managing Director and Principals communicate these to Admissions staff and School Marketers

Devise plans to achieve sales targets, monitor these and follow up where performance is lagging

Track leads identified and conversion rates. Gather information regarding students that enquire but enrol elsewhere

Ensure applications are received and processed timeously

Manage and oversee implementation of Sales module of STASY

Arrange for sales training of School Marketers and Admissions staff, as required

Output 3 – Relationship Management:

Meet with and maintain cordial and productive relations with relevant stakeholders viz. community newspapers, owners of estates etc.

Establish and maintain an up-to-date database of student/parent leads

Establish potential feeder schools and build relationships with them to promote enrollment

Maintain sound relations with staff at Schools Marketing hub. For provision of PR, Graphic Design, Website and Digital Marketing services to the brand

and ensure timeous delivery of quality services

Build and maintain relationships with all schools within the brand and their Principals to ensure effective communication and information flow

Establish a network of relevant suppliers to provide the services necessary at the required quality standards

Develop and implement a strategy to manage and enhance alumni relations

Oversee marketing sponsorships in the Schools

Output 4 – Market Research & Intelligence:

Monitor competitor activity and initiatives and keep Regional Managing Director appraised

Undertake competitor analysis, as required and communicate insights to Brand MD and/or Principals

Analyse market and consumer trends and incorporate information into marketing plans

Monitor and assess customer satisfaction and incorporate information into marketing and sales plans/initiatives

Responsible for editorial direction, design, production, and distribution of all school publications

Output 5 – Management of Promotions, Events & Collateral:

Plan and manage exhibitions and functions

Make recommendations regarding collateral, source same and ensure timeous delivery thereof as well as its distribution

Create content for Brand marketing material and sources and manage inputs from suppliers

Manage compilation, printing and distribution of Brand consumer magazine

Oversee branding of school signage, bus branding, gazebos etc.

Output 6  Crisis Communications:

In partnership with Group Marketing resources, develop and implements a Crisis Communication policy

Manages crises and issues that arise, appropriately and timeously escalating potentially serious issues appropriately

Manages all media requests including social media responses as appropriate

Ensures all affected parties are communicated with in accordance with company policy to mitigate risk

Output 7  Staff Management

Ensures staff roles and responsibilities are clarified and performance objectives set and monitored

Conducts performance reviews in accordance with policy and procedure and takes corrective action as required

Ensures identification of critical skills essential for sustainability of service delivery to the brand

Ensures staff are adequately trained

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