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This job has been expired

Overall purpose of the job

To work closely with the Principal to create a shared vision and strategic plan which inspires and motivates students, staff and stakeholders of the Makini Schools community.

To be able to take a strategic role in the development of the new and emerging technologies to enhance and extend the learning experience of students.

To ensure that the school progresses for the benefit of its students and their community.


Output 1 – Academic Influence:

  • To assist the Principal in implementation of the school curriculum as per Makini Standards and International standards as prescribed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)
  • To Work with the Principal to secure and sustain effective teaching and learning throughout the school and to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and standards of students’ achievement, using benchmarks and setting targets for improvement
  • To Ensure all students receive good quality education through a programme designed to promote a stimulating style of learning in a safe and secure school environment
  • To co-ordinate and execute assessments and examinations in line with Makini and CAIE regulations and standards across all School levels
  • In consultation with the Principal, to direct the process of teaching and learning for quality assurance in curriculum delivery
  • In consultation with the Principal, to evaluate and approve development and orders for teaching and learning resources, Teaching and Learning Files and their utilisation
  • In consultation with the Principal, to conduct appraisals in teaching and learning, advise on training needs and prepare training schedules for capacity building of teachers to in in tandem with emerging global trends
  • To schedule and conduct academic meetings
  • To lead in the interpretation and analysis of data derived from diverse assessments and examinations and develop academic records for reference by stake holders
  • To plan, prepare and execute Parent/Student Forums


Output 2 – Learning & Character Formation:

  • To lead and supervise school students’ guidance and counselling programs that will enhance individual learning and positive character formation 
  • To facilitate high level consultative communication flow with the students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff and the wider community 
  • To ensure sound spiritual beliefs and core values are integrated in the learning process and way of life in the school
  • To maintain a culture of high level of self-discipline and work ethic among students
  • To ensure that students are properly guided and mentored to be able to objectively choose their future careers
  • To ensure that students receive, understand, and embrace school rules


Output 3 – Administrative:

  • Oversee interviews and admissions of students to maintain optimum levels in accordance with set standards and guidelines that ensure quality and optimum enrolment 
  • To initiate, design and implement innovative programs to meet specific needs of the school in consultation with the Principal
  • To maintain adequate inventory, security and accountability for school properties
  • To act as a liaison between the school and the Ministry of Education (in the absence of the Principal) and the community
  • To ensure the school health, safety and occupational regulations are observed in order to make the school a safe learning environment
  • To prepare and approve the preparation of reports, records, lists, and other paperwork appropriate for the effective administration of the school
  • To liaise with the Administrator and ensure that the school transport services are efficient and cost effective
  • To participate in budgetary formulation and cost management within the school
  • To ensure effective utilization of the company resources in line with set budget
  • To ensure that students’ medical cases are handled as per the set guidelines
  • To liaise with the Administrator to ensure the school amenities are maintained to the standards set


Output 4 – Management of the School:

  •  Assist the Principal create a culture that reflects the school’s values and enables processes to work effectively in line with legal requirements
  • To ensure the school’s educational goals and priorities are achieved
  • To manage and organize the school’s environment efficiently to ensure that it meets the needs of the curriculum as well as health and safety regulations


 Output 5 – Accountability:


  • You will be accountable to the Principal by ensuring that students enjoy and benefit from high quality education, promoting collective responsibility and entire community as a whole
  • Assist the Principal develop a school ethos which enables everyone to work collaboratively, share knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes
  • Assist the Principal facilitate the performance appraisals for the teaching staff in line with the school’s guidelines


 Output 6 – Safeguarding & Protection of Children:


  • Assist the Principal in ensuring all policies and procedures adopted by the Management are fully implemented and followed by all staff in adherence to National and International laws that govern Child Protection 
  • You will ensure all staff feel free to raise concerns about unsafe practices in regard to students and such concerns are addressed sensitively and effectively in a timely manner
  • Create and maintain effective partnership with parents to support and improve students ‘achievement and personal development
  • Co-operate and work with relevant agencies to protect students

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