Apollo – Business Operations Lead.

Business Operations Lead will closely partner with Apollo’s Chief Customer Officer and his team (marketing, sales, operations, logistics, etc.) to analyze the performance of key functions, identify challenges and opportunities, and design solutions that rapidly take advantage of these insights

ILRI – Internship.

Internships are short-term academic training for young professionals who join ILRI for a short period (usually 3 months or less but can be up to 6 months in length) as part of their academic curriculum and are expected to resume their studies upon completion of their internship

Alliance For A Green Revolution In Africa (AGRA) – Program Manager & Seed Analyst, SEEDSAT, Nairobi.

Will be responsible for developing systems requirements, developing design solutions, reviewing solutions and revising design approaches for adequacy, testing and benchmarking solutions against standards, and setting up an efficient process for project management with the key responsibilities of resolving issues in a timely manner so that the project continues to perform at expected levels.

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