Don’t let the conversation die — The HR Business Partner Story.

When scanning resumes, it’s easy to overlook the lack of resumes from returning mothers or from women who’ve taken a break from their career.

How to get an ‘A+’ in interviewing.

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The HR Business Partner Story

interviewI remember every interview I’ve given in my adult life. I am also acutely aware of the pivotal part each interviewer played in determining the success of the interview. The task of an interviewer is not an easy one. Interviewing is an art and one that doesn’t always come naturally. We owe the mastery of this art to the candidates who often put in hours if not days of effort. Over the years, I’ve observed a few common traits in some of the best interviewers I’ve ever come across. While these traits may seem obvious, it takes time to inculcate. Everyone has witnessed a poor interviewer. Some come across as arrogant, too full of themselves or just bored. You may be the best HR pro out there, but it is possible to be terrible at interviewing despite your achievements. So the next time you step in to take an interview…

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Student Placements Work — Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

One of the inevitable truths for every business in every employment sector is that there will be changes in personnel. Over time, people come and go, and if you’re fortunate, the people you bring onboard will make a positive impact on both the others they work with and the customers/clients which receive the end products […]Student... Continue Reading →

Why People Quit Their Jobs — Human Engineers

Source | Key findings from a survey conducted on, January 2020 The job market is a competitive arena, not just for jobseekers but also employers looking to hire the right talent. Introduction The need for a skilful workforce has grown significantly over the years, with industries constantly evolving to serve a diverse range…Why People... Continue Reading →

Coaching can help fill the soft skills gap — Human Engineers

Source | | Luis Velasquez How can you develop leaders in a way that is fast, cost-efficient and guaranteed? It is not an easy task to develop people. Finding the right combination of methodologies that will work best for a particular leader with specific needs can be overwhelming. Knowledge transfer and skill building happen…Coaching can... Continue Reading →

How to Shift to a Consumer Mindset to Modernize Your Workforce — Human Engineers

In the future, organizations will be responding to new or increasing workforce pressures such as a diversifying workforce, rise in contingent labor, intelligent automation in the workplace and a shift to a consumer mindset. In response, leaders must shift their mindset from a focus on process to a focus on talent, which in itself has changed drastically.

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