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Student Placements Work — Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

One of the inevitable truths for every business in every employment sector is that there will be changes in personnel. Over time, people come and go, and if you’re fortunate, the people you bring onboard will make a positive impact on both the others they work with and the customers/clients which receive the end products […]

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Why People Quit Their Jobs — Human Engineers

Source | Key findings from a survey conducted on, January 2020 The job market is a competitive arena, not just for jobseekers but also employers looking to hire the right talent. Introduction The need for a skilful workforce has grown significantly over the years, with industries constantly evolving to serve a diverse range… Why

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The ultimate comparison of the résumé and LinkedIn profile: a look at 10 areas

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Occasionally I’m asked which I prefer writing or reviewing, a résumé or LinkedIn profile. To use a tired cliché, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. The first fact we have to realize is that each has its own purpose. The second fact is that, although the résumé and LinkedIn…